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Title: Wat a Gwaan Inna di Land
Post by: natural blacks on September 21, 2006, 02:27:00 PM
how can yuh nuture a culture
when all di mediums of influence controlled by di vulture?
mi hear dem a talk bout 'jamaican culture',
but mi nuh seeit
wi nuh dress jamaican, wi nuh talk jamaican,
a dem ya sitten jamaican eat?
american fast food, kfc, burger king?
bwoy mi nuh nyam meat,
but whappen to di jerk pork ting?
craft shop a lock dung
tailor & dress-mekka pop dung
TV station dem a like patwa CBS
suh backra master do, a suh we copy yes

suh a weh di culture really deh?
a weh di ministry a culture really a seh?
local restaurant & cookshop get a beaten
supamaakit full up a farrin' sitten
wi education and religion a nuh wi own
"yes, good afternoon please"
a suh miss lou woulda really ansa fone?
mi memba when wi used to have wi music
now dem tek reggae an a diffuse it
dancehall riddim tun hip-hop beat
deejay tun rapper, italian dress in di street
suh what really is di culture?
and what is di purpose of society shows fi Culture?
a wat a gwaan inna di land...

wat a gwaan in di land