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Title: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: Ayinde on April 25, 2003, 03:24:15 PM
From: Rastafari Speaks Message Board
You don't have to be Arabic to be a Muslim! (
Posted By: ras adam simeon
Date: Friday, 25 April 2003, at 4:01 p.m.

The Islamic faith was born in the middle east, but you have Bosnian Muslims, Eritian Muslims Indonesian Muslims.

Buddah was born in India, but you dont have to be Indian, Japanese or korean to be Budhist.

Christ came out of North Africa, but Christians come in all colors from all over the globe.You don't have to be a North Afrikan to be a Christian.

Rastafari faith was born in Jamaica's oppressed black community forged by the coronation of the Ethiopian Emperor.Today the Rastafari faith has adherants from all races worldwide, but unlike the Muslims the Christians, the Bhudists...people can't seem to get over this fact. that followers now come in all colors of the rainbow.

It took Malcolm X to make his haaj to see and as ras h. henry fyah chief says "get deblinded"
that the muslims next to him kneeling of all colors were his brothers, more than the brothers who shot him dead in the end.

Does this mean that rasta is now erasing its black Afrikan roots?

I don't think so. Just as every Muslim knows Mecca is the heart of his/her faith, so do all rastas know Africa, specifically Ethiopia, is the cradle for us.

But just like the other world faiths, rasta has outgrown its original borders and expanded its followers.

You want an enemy? try evil. Try downpressors. they come in all colors and classes. to say white people are so and so and white rastas are so and so is as ingorant as saying all mexicans are ... and all black folks are ....
let's not repeat wrongs, it won't add up to a right

Try and judge individuals and actions and character and not judging whole races.

That's my 2 cents on that.

ras adam simeon;human being

My emphasis:

It took Malcolm X to make his haaj to see and as ras h. henry fyah chief says "get deblinded"
that the muslims next to him kneeling of all colors were his brothers, more than the brothers who shot him dead in the end.

There are more comments on the Rastafari Speaks Board (

Any Comments?

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: RasIene on April 25, 2003, 03:47:20 PM
My Idren Pleasant blessing to you. Rastafari is Rastafari, Muslim is Muslim. Remember R A S T A is R A S T A. Follower a Follower. Selah.

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: ROOTSWOMAN on April 25, 2003, 05:02:40 PM

Well this is a very sweet and lovely sentiment...very utopian in principle.  Unfortunately, (and please don't take this as my OPINION) history speaks for itself when it reveals to us without a shadow of a doubt what happens when the western man adopts (steals/plagerizes?) an Afrikan Spiritual Systems (as all western religions are rooted out of KUSH).

Let history speak for the RECORD.

Am I suggesting that ALL non-Afrikans pervert our Spiritual Systems...of course not.  Unfortunately the EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE have not affected the COLLECTIVE ORIGINATORS of those spiritual systems (the Afrikan) in any positive manner.

Whats that saying?...burn me once, shame on you.  Burn me twice, shame on ME!  How many times shall we get "burned" by those entering our villages/mindz/traditions who are not Afrikan before realizing there is a PATTERN here folx!


Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: Princess Tracey on April 25, 2003, 07:10:34 PM
my 2 cents is that you STREGNTHEN a culture by SHARING it

true will always have folks misuse, abuse, take, steal, plunder, for selfish also have people learn, grow, expand, become more knowledgeable,  breaking down the barriers of ignorance that separate, divide, and limit the vastness of the universe.

The world would be such a small diminished  place if everyone held tight onto their OWN...

I think because many cultures have been raped and plundered for ungodly selfish gain by ignorant people...that they are now so preciously gaurded...

...and rightfully so...

Yet it reminds me of a glass of pure water so one is permitted to drink one drop from it to protect it's original purity of content..
but over time because it has just becomes stagnant and consumes itself... algae and all sorts of green slimy things form decomposition and eventually it drys up.  

On the other hand, a glass that pours is able to retain it's freshness..even it's purity...again and again...true enough.. there is a chance that tainted water could, and does, enter the glass form time to time...but water is water and remains true to matter how often it refreshes itself.

I suppose what we see nowadays...are the great water filters of ever changing cultures trying to keep all the bad elements (cultural bandits) out and preserve as much of the goodness and purity as possible...

hmmmm.....what is a "pure" culture anyway?? there such a thing?

and how could you possibly live in this world today...and only be of ONE culture??

...I could only see that if you lived deep in the forest away from civilization...

blessed reasonings once again

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: Ayinde on April 25, 2003, 10:03:21 PM
There is a semblance of truth in the first post but it is still illusive and may be quite deceptive.

I don't believe that it is about trying to preciously guard a culture but I believe it is more about seeing through the many layers of deception that masks the true motivation of people who would like us to accept them as friends and family at face value.

I have not seen any serious reasoning by Ras Adams on the Internet or anywhere else to qualify him as anything other than a serious collector. Until then I will more or less speak in general terms.

There are some who are good at repeating "we are one people" and "rainbow people" like a mantra, and until I can see their reasoning on many issues I will not trust them.  These flowery words are nothing short of platitudes.

Rainbow people?

A rainbow is fragmented light. It is not a symbol of unity.

Most things that are complex and dynamic look beautiful from a distance but if one engages it the beauty is lost. It is similar to looking at the forest from a distance. It looks beautiful but if you enter you will soon learn that not all that glitters is gold. If you stay long enough you may either die or you can learn the laws that allows one to survive in the environment.

It is the same way different people look good from a distance and this is more so at carnivals. That 'beauty' masks the reality of the day to day struggles that each person has to work out in order to survive and to eventually realize true beauty.

And another thing, we are not one people. We are people who share a common African ancestry. We are a very complex set of different peoples with conflicting ideas and values that we should be striving to work out and until it is worked out we do not have a common understanding or unity.

We are not equal. Too many keep falling for this "we are all equal" and "we are one" con. If someone believes this then I challenge him or her to prove it. The differences might seem minute in terms of biology and genetics but it is these differences that have many killing each other daily. It is these differences upon which prejudices were built that will not be wished away.

About Malcolm X

Malcolm X made great strides in terms of articulating the feelings of many Africans at a time when such strong views were badly needed, and for this he has my deepest respect.

But as far as I am concerned Malcolm X never realized true togetherness or unity. What he saw when he went to the haaj was an illusion of togetherness that have never been realized in the Muslim community as well as other mainstream communities.

Every year Muslims go to the haaj and profess that all Muslims are their brothers, but let a fire take place; let Allah want them to demonstrate their brotherhood by looking after the next man in the fire. What we usually see is the same mad rush to escape the fire where elders and young people are trampled. What about the cleansing and the "we are all brothers" rhetoric and symbolism?

What Malcolm X saw is common to many 'religions' where people congregate and sing praises only to go their separate ways after the sermon. How many know of 'churches' in their communities where people of different races gather and 'worship' and hug each other but after the sermon their conduct within the communities are with the same bigotries that existed before?

This illusion of togetherness is also seen at carnivals, and politicians like to exploit this to sell a country as a peaceful rainbow society. But after the 'jump and wave' people usually go back to their infighting.

What is the reality of how Muslims live in most states? Racism is rampant across Arab states and many use violence to force others to abide by their rules. This does not mean that all of Islam is bad. There are "good" people who move to some of the better aspects of that 'faith'. But like all these mainstream 'religions', irrespective of how glamorous they sound, the unaddressed aspects of, slavery, racial and gender discrimination blocks many from being anything other than hypocrites.

Many want us to believe that because a few Whites try to do better that Africans in general should change their attitude towards all whites. Are their limited efforts representative of the majority of Whites?

I tolerate some of the extreme rhetoric of some Blacks because it is born out of a type of reality in which they live. Many whites do not understand this reality and without understanding this they unconsciously strive to protect the status quo that permits them to continue feeling privileged although they are also suffering in the same system. They want material and status benefits from their white ancestry but they don't want to accept the responsibility for what their direct ancestors did.

Then there is always this attempt to disarm some Blacks by accusing them of generalizations.

If someone says White are this way or that way, the person is accused of generalizations.

People should know that a generalization only speaks about the majority and not all of a given group. It also speaks about the majority in the awareness of an individual. It is a means of simplifying a discussion. It should only be frowned upon if it is not true for the majority. If I say, "Whites are racist", that is a generalization. Is it true or false that most Whites are racist?  If it is true then the generalization is correct. If it is false then the generalization is incorrect.

I keep making the point that the views expressed on the Internet are not a true reflection of how the majority of Africans feel and think. Whites had the head start on the Internet and they gobbled up many African sounding domain names and tried to control mediums of African expressions. They surreptitiously try to tailor African expressions to keep themselves at the helm.

Also, some Blacks on the Internet are not versed in English, so they speak from their own experiences and others who identify with the experiences easily understand the meaning.

Africa is not a casual stepping-stone but the very foundation upon which every material aspect of our human existence was built. Some feel that by embracing one African leader and one part of Africa they deserve much recognition and attention. They feel that the limited awareness they gather qualifies them to understand the dynamics of African history and struggle for self-worth.  

Show me where you are uplifting the entire root and I will show you a man/woman worth learning something from.

You want an enemy? try evil. Try downpressors. they come in all colors and classes. to say white people are so and so and white rastas are so and so is as ingorant as saying all mexicans are ... and all black folks are ....  
let's not repeat wrongs, it won't add up to a right

It is humans doing the evil. The people in charge of "downpression" (sic) and who manipulate most political and social systems are White business people and European/American politicians aided and abetted by a majority White American and European public. So the so-called enemy is not invisible. We can point out the many wrongs done by many other people but the one thing most conflicts in the world have in common is European/American imperialism. The 'evildoers' have a face and a conduct built on false White values.


It is the same hypocritical position the US government takes when they want to bomb and invade.

The US Gov't allows/tolerates anti-war protest as it gives the impression that many Americans do not support wars but the reality is most do. So victims are being coerced into see the aggression as the actions of the government and a few others and not all American. However when the US bombs and invades they kill innocent people. They know in advance that they will kill 'innocent' people but they still bomb. Their brutality is excused as collateral damage but if others do the same they are evil for massacring innocent civilians. Did people hear anti-war activists speaking about supporting the troops? How could they support the troops who are doing the same thing they are against? Many White Americans see no contradiction in this position.

Title: Images that mock reality
Post by: Ayinde on April 27, 2003, 01:13:26 AM
I have no problem with diversity but I am aware of how some people promote diversity (Rainbow People) as a ploy to mask the underlying issues related to negative discrimination.

I have extracted from an article written by Gary Younge and published by the Guardian/UK (,3858,4475662,00.html) in August 5, 2002. I have also changed a few words to make the extracts pertinent to this discussion.

Beware of bodies that use diversity not to promote fairness, but to make themselves appear fashionable

"The issue here is not that presenting a diverse image is wrong, but that with increasing disingenuity, image is being wilfully mistaken and missold for reality. As such, diversity becomes not a means of combating discrimination, imbalance, injustice, under-representation or exclusion, but a matter of marketing and promotion. It seeks not to assist in the drive towards equality but to replace it altogether.

"We must be wary of attempts to look diverse as it exploits diversity not as a principle but as a strategy - a pivotal device in the shift from traditional to modern, not in practice but popular perception. They embrace it not because it is fair and progressive but because it faddish and pragmatic. Eviscerating discrimination of its historical, political and economic contexts, they present us with virtual evolution rather than actual change. Where we once talked about equal opportunities we are now dealing with photo opportunities.

"The first big problem with this is that, like most marketing ploys, it leaves many cynical and paves the way for a backlash. It exposes the few beneficiaries to charges of tokenism and its lack of integrity lends succour to those who wish to undermine any move towards equality.

"More importantly, it is of absolutely no use to women, black or working-class people, or whoever else needs to get rid of the discriminatory barriers in order to get on with their lives. Instead of tackling the underlying reasons why some groups are not recruited, promoted or retained, it offers only identifiable faces in prominent places. It suggests that an institution need not fundamentally change the way it functions so long as it changes the way it looks.

"If diversity is any use, it must be about combating discrimination. If that is to be effective it must make a difference by offering more people more opportunities to fulfil their potential and in so doing radically altering the institutions that previously excluded them. If diversity, as it is increasingly understood, cannot contribute to that, then we are better off without it.

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: Princess Tracey on April 27, 2003, 08:23:47 AM
my bredda has taken me several re-reads, returns, to digest and eschew the many deep contents brought forth in this discussion...( and still will return more times over!) amazes me how these issues are held up out of obscurity and brought forth into a higher form of crystilization and light!  ...thanks be!

These issues indeed are sensitive issues...ones that are very difficult to look at with the proper lenz...because it involves such a hiigh level of scrutiny and in depth HONESTY to look firstly - at one's self, and to question what are the true motivating factors for what we do personally, collectively, and societally...which most are unwilling, or incapable of doing...let alone deal with, acknowledge, and therefore recognize.  For as you first mentioned...
"the many layers of deception"..whoa.. indeed! there is a root worth cultivating!  

Such is the evolutionary process throughout the generations of mankind since inception that have made manifest the layers pon layers of this whiley mind that seeks to uphold the images and dreams of illusions and dillusions.  I cannot help thinking it is THIS worlds PURPOSE to keep this veil of falsitude over the eyes through its trickery of mirrors and vain offerings...for mankind has invested greatly in its false images of demi Gods, idolitry, and false ego worship through all these things...even way beyond materialistics and into our notable "ideas"  consciousness of mind, religion, beliefs, and if selling our souls to the devil.. it is kept intact by all the supportiung elements of THIS WORLD that reinforce the arrogance of this "imperialistic" mindset that runs rampant amongst the sleeping minds of the massives.

You are so on point wiht regards to generalizations..whereas the shoe most definately fits if one is willing to look around and SEE!!  If one does not fall into these generalizations...
then STAND UP and be counted for and represent the mind and spirit that gives birth to a different way of being...yes?

I sis am begining to recognize this for myself and am so very appreciative for this forum to help elavate the consciousness of overstandings...AND to help learn how to deal with deeply ingrained problematic systemic issues that many times are quite befuddling as to know how to react and respond to in the best interests of the whole. Here fe me .. KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS are key well as listening, looking, observing, being honest, objective, AND humble in seeking answers, and most of all, in seeking TRUTH from the ALMIGHTY!

please forgive I sis fe rambling around all over the prone to ping-ponging and going off into the many issues...just scratching the surface....

..reason on)))))

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: Ayinde on April 27, 2003, 04:19:05 PM
This is an important issue because often people, especially politicians, claim to be pushing national unity, and people claim to be about 'one love', but if people are armed with certain facts about the reality of how these things are attained then they could see if these people are speaking from their selves or if it is something other than their self that is motivating their words.

Governments always speak of fostering national unity but lets look at the reality.

The very conduct of "western" now worldwide politics promotes divisiveness where people are pitted against each other so a particular set of politicians could control the state resources. These politicians continually look for ways to exploit the divisions among people to gain popular support.

Since their true motivation is control over people's lives and material gains then their actions are not motivated from the heart (self). When people understand this, it is easy to know that it is something other than what they speak is their true motivation. People cannot realize togetherness from or through these people.

There is an order to development that allows these things to be realized and once that order is not utilized then it simply cannot be done.

Then some speak often about Love, 'one love' etc.

'One Love' is not easy to realize. This is the highest realization in a relationship and when people claim any and everything is Love by the callous way they speak and act, they devalue its true meaning in their minds. So they are often creating illusions by these words and deluding themselves into believing they have found it. They are often destroying the very thing they claim to love.

If the order for realizing these qualities is known then it is easy to see the true motivation of others who claim to be in love. It becomes easy to keep oneself away from delusions so one remains clear.

Often I am criticized for not letting some people get away with ego massaging and manipulations. I know exposing such will not win many 'friends' or well-wishers in the short term, but then one has a responsibility to oneself.

One must decide if casual alliances under the disguise of friendship are more important than the naked truth.

The fire will burn, but only those who are not honest. The fire will burn all those who wish to conceal dishonest intentions. But those who are seeking the very essence of themselves will not feel heat; they will feel warmth, joy and bliss. That is the nature of things as truth brings joy to the truth seeker and burns the hypocrite.

What is love?

Love is the essence, realized in a relationship cultivated on mutual respect first for oneself then by extension everything else. Without this respect there cannot be love. If people are ignorant of your history, they cannot respect you because the very word 'RE' 'SPECT' means to constantly look back into something. Love is the realization of the core truth in any and everything. I know this and if I see someone disrespecting a truth of our past, then I know they cannot realize love for all of us and as such it is important to put this truth on the table for respect to be cultivated.

That is the process and without knowing this, people move through many illusions, as they will, for not understanding that there are laws in nature that is quite orderly in which we can all see clearly. It does not mean that people who don't see all these things are bad people. It simply means they have work to do to lift themselves through the many layers of illusions that as you rightly said were cultivated.

People have to move from one relative truth to a higher truth until their selves are exposed to pure truth and if they are honest enough to open their eyes and look into it, they may yet see the true meaning and expressions of love.

Love is not all those clichés and platitudes that operate as spells to disarm the young and gullible. Love is cold and naked from the outside, but warm, compelling and attractive when one looks from within. When more people realize it then more people would simply act out of the truth and multiply its effect.

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: Princess Tracey on April 28, 2003, 05:03:20 AM
it is early you know I arose thinking about this?
my head was pounding and forced me to arise.. I suppose to relieve itself of quantum cerebral fluids that were leaking all over my pillow...perhaps I didn't quite put the head back together again quite right...after did get blown to smitherines again..just call me humpy dumpty...

Illusions are mighty weapons of the ego...we constantly sell ourselves out again and again for lies over truth.  We are so busy trying to run away from our REAL selves...its no wonder we live in such a state of chaos and confusion.  We create this false world of happiness and love..through the infinite images we seek "outside ourselves".  Things we think that will make us happy...buying into the illusion that this house, this car, this stereo, this relationship, this new job, leaving, going, coming back...whatever...will make I happy before the grim shadows begin to creep in..the ego begetts again and again
..never satisfied.. let alone truly happy..maybe for a spell...
but then something else draws its attention "to have" consume...even love becomes a thing to acquire for self...the person in essence becoming a material commodity or symbol  to serve the never ending demands of the other person's needful projections ...funny stuff that ego....

Here, Bredda Ayinde...your reasoning on love blows me away...may I quote you on this blessed reasoning yet again?

"What is love? "

"Love is the essence, realized in a relationship cultivated on mutual respect first for oneself then by extension everything else. Without this respect there cannot be love."

"People have to move from one relative truth to a higher truth until their selves are exposed to pure truth and if they are honest enough to open their eyes and look into it, they may yet see the true meaning and expressions of love."

"Love is not all those clichés and platitudes that operate as spells to disarm the young and gullible. Love is cold and naked from the outside, but warm, compelling and attractive when one looks from within. When more people realize it then more people would simply act out of the truth and multiply its effect."  

(((((whoa I resonate to the core on that  ))))))

a level of love that very few ever come to realize....

I must leave it there...must fly..but what A beautiful place to leave one's thoughts..

may I act pon truth and multiply its effect THIS DAY..

such a tapestry of golden thread we weave

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: Bantu_Kelani on April 28, 2003, 12:14:26 PM

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: RasTalawa ben-Judah on April 29, 2003, 10:07:46 AM
All very Interesting, but Iman feel the point of Buddah Ras Adam ben-Simeon

"Untill the color of a mans skin is of no more important than the color of his eyes..." HIM
"Me no walk 'pon no man side. Me no walk 'pon da Black Mon side.  Me no walk 'pon da White Mon side.  Me walk 'pon God's side"  -the Honourable Robert Nesta Marley

RasTalawa ben-Judah

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: ROOTSWOMAN on April 29, 2003, 01:45:40 PM

"Untill the color of a mans skin is of no more important than the color of his eyes..." HIM

But has "THAT DAY" come?

How does that speech end?  That "Until that day"...we Afrikans would do what?



Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: RasIene on May 05, 2003, 03:55:24 PM
I and I RasIene say that Idren Ayinde has brought perspective to this board, along with IanI, and RootsWoman.
Now many members are here where are their views. I would like to hear the Caucasion Rastas that are here bring out perspective instead of responding to one. I urge all of them to read I post and answer 'WHAT THE CAUCASION RASTAS WANT '. Now! Malcom X was just forced to soften his stance as he was protecting his family and more over his wife wantd him to change. He was not making or bringing in any money by just being a militant Muslim. Therefore, he had to change in order to reorganize and allow for money to come in so that he could support his family. The move he made after his visit to Mecca did allow him to see what he has never seen in America. However, that had no bearing on the change he made except for what I have mentioned.
Many Rastas have watered down their stances and by so doing the warriorness of Rastafarinism thus begin to attract people who could gravitate to the watered down philosophy of Rasta movement. Moreover, many Rastas have married to non-Rastas and by so doing have compromise on core beliefs. For example, some trim occassionally, mention less that Selassie is God, prey instead of chant, etc.
Malcom X knew that the messages that he extol then would have to change if he was ever going to establish a new Muslim faith contrast to what he was supporting. Malcom X philosophy was right in many ways, but the bottom line is that Babylon is not set up the way he percieved it and moreso, survival had shifted the direction he would take.
Bob Marley had gone through the same transition to. Bob went from a warrior spirit to watery spirit, from unleashing the venoms of Babylon in his song to the unleashing the syrupy serums of Babylon. How when he began to sing more about
infatuation passion of love, when he began to slip into fantasical love, when he began to take his eyes off the condition of the individual and began to focus uncollectively.
Bob Marley knew that he had to feed his family too, and thus had to abandon orginal concept held by the group. Bob lost touch with Idrens and Idrens and thus missed on"Behold how pleasant and good it is for Brethrens to dwell together, it is like the ointment that runs down upon Arons Beard."
After a while it was painful to see Brother Malcom
just what makes him Malcom was not there anymore. He had so much people who come to know themselves based on his original speeches and philosophy. Many were not willing to turn back. As for Bob...he was hurting inside and many could not see it, as he missed the fellowship of his original Brethren who were of his group and all of that turn into degeneration of his spirit and then flesh.  

I hope I have shed some incite into the thoghts behind the event.

RasIene...Reason from articalness.
Give thanks to Iance.

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: Rootsie on May 05, 2003, 05:03:03 PM
Brother Ayinde the I got the Love thing right! Beautifully said too.
If ones would work to purify from the inside out, and get a grip on the here and now of Love, instead of spreading their fear and sense of lack all over the place in the name of love, I and I would all walk so light on this earth!
To use 'One Love' as an excuse not to speak of real things and NAME NAMES if we know them is a weakheart thing.
The more history I read and the more I read the times I see we are dealing with a very specific group which so far I see originates in the first royal bankers (Hapsburgs) in the 1300's. What we have today is basically the same guys doing their European statecraft thing with the USA as the capitalist cops. Total global domination, baby. They feel like it's in their grasp-and this arrogance will be their downfall. Useful fiction? Maybe. But it helps me get through these terrible days.
The peace movement in USA was totally bamboozled-it's like it was a big movie and the peace movement played their part-they're like a chicken runnin around with their head cut off.  'We' won the war, so now what? How ridiculous is this? Was there ever a doubt 'we' would win a war against a country without airforce or navy 'we' been bombing and disarning for 12 years?  
And now what? We got the good cop givin $15 billion to Africa for AIDS, pulling troops out of Saudi, pushing this 'roadmap for peace' trash, 'rebuilding Iraq.' Now is when we need billions out in the streets, and call  for a full accounting and regime change HERE NOW!
This is what I see about the 'support the troops' thing- in the US it's people with no other options who join the army. Most of the troops are Afrikan, Latino, and poor white boys. And due to their CRIMINAL MISEDUCATION they are actually under the illusion that their government somehow represents them and cares for them, and that the job in Iraq was one of 'liberation' for the Iraqi people. I know it's hard to believe, but many take that 'freedom and liberty' talk to heart which they are RIGHT to do. What they are WRONG about is to imagine for a moment that 'American interests' have anything to do with anything so noble. Pure wickedness. And I don't know how it's possible to interpret the situation as  anything else than the culmination of a European worldview that has laid waste to the world.
Give thanks for the 'difficulty' of Ras Ayinde!
Love JAH Guide and Protect,

Title: Re: About Malcolm X and different faiths
Post by: PureWisdom on May 14, 2003, 07:21:17 AM
Peace and blessings to all my brothers and sisters in this forum. I really look forward to reading every ones post in the morning. I am really bless to be around such intelligent people. Ithank jah for that.

I just wanted to comment on some of the topics that were exspressed in here. First of all as far as malcom x goes the so called famous trip that malcom took and saw white muslims....... well needless to say he took a trip way before that and saw all diffrent color muslims. that was propaganda  but since we still havent learned the enimies tricks  we fall for then over and over again. Look Elijah told and even showed malcom way back way before that trip to mecca that there were all different color muslims he even presented then every saviours day so that was not a surprise to malcom.

2nd as far as color goes yes until we can treat people the same regardless of color we will never be truly free never really realize peace as we should. However I always say people have motives and in time they will reveal them.

Someone in here said history can show proof of white poeple. I agree if you look at the white man's history he has alwayes dealt with blood shed and mischief. It is his nature. However you have some who try to be right and for that we have to be acceptable.

As far as culture or religon well nothing is pure as of yet. I am sure we all here can bare witnesss that we are trying to be right we are trying to be true and perfect.

As far as a enemy look in general an enemy can not come in the house unless there was an enemy in there already. Look I was talking to a friend the other day and I asked her Would you willing kill a messenger of god and of course she said no. But then I asked her you know that voice in your mind that tells you to not do something becuase it is wrong......... do you follow that voice or do you still that voice. Becuase that voice is god speaking to you it is the mind of god in you. and if you still that voice that that is the same as killing a messenger.

My last point is this look the only reason we have a devil without(outside of us) is becuase we have a devil within(inside of us). We can claim this and that about white people we can say this and that about what they have done but let me ask you this can you enslave a god? Becase if we as rastas say I nI meaning the god in I then I ask you how do you make a god a slave? How do you make a person who knows jah a slave? how do you go from being a god to being a nigger? Unless you fell from god's grace. White people only do what we permit them to do. They are only as strong as we let them be. Look in the bible jesus says the truth will set you free. Well if we claim we know the truth and we know jah then why are we not free? If the speed of thought is faster then that of light then can't we as individuals change our reality.

I think the real question is we need ot clean up house cuase if we really were what we say we are about then no one can come in and change our roots or our way of life. The only way they can do that is if we let them. The question of keeping something pure is really the question of how true we were to the thing in the first place. Cuase if we really were pure in our submission to jah we would not have to worry about keeping something pure. Imsorry but I would not let someone walk in my house and change my rules. Unless........... I was sleeping. And idont mean sleeping as in tired but sleeping as mentally dead.

May Jah bless you all.