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Title: ptaured7 limited posting
Post by: ptuared7 on December 22, 2006, 03:34:12 PM
limiting my postings to science section for technical and planning subjects from various places and sources of interest. Most subjects involve agriculture, water resource, sanitation and water shed restoration/protection and erosion control (fun stuff actually, when you can do it rather than just talk about it),

I will hope to encourage massive undertaking propagation and planting of industrial hemp as a main theme, especially in creating erosion control products.  it would be unfortunate if China and India take over this soon to burdgeon ecocomic factor in AFrica, which would appear to be unfolding.  I've stupidly given the Chinese govt all the info on why it's such a great idea in another one of my typically looose converstions at various embassies and consulates. 

Oh, well, I've given up on governments generally. My last outburst at the South African Embassy in Tokyo just about clinched that decision.  There were some good articles on your site (haven't reviewed in a long time) on human energy and creativity resulting in human work not requiring foreign investment.  This information sharing is dedicated to UWI Kenya program .     8)