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Title: GMO - purpose v. fiction
Post by: ptuared7 on March 15, 2007, 02:16:46 PM
The following is a brief essay regarding gmo, contributing to  agricultural policy forum from another discussion group in California.   talk is cheap according to Monsanto, including this essay regarding GMO spread/contamination.

  We already have the basic facts from GMO spread and contamination, it's intentional and / or considered inevitable by the proponenents, they know it cannot be contained.    The way to ultimately defend the technology is to make it indispensable by default through the planned contamination process.  Monsanto's actions in court prove with little  doubt they had this planned from the beginning to perfect the patent claims (canadian incident).

They've got to pay their investors off on this thing, billions have been spent in promise of great profits by controlling ag (a great scheme if you can pull it off).  this isn't about improvements and they know it, allthough "new and improved" is the mantra.  It's about controlling the food supply with a market captivated by advanced technology that only a few posess and it is to be enforced through legal fiction of patent , enforced therefore, potentially, by police or military intervention through phony international courts and other such constructs. 

  ********So gmo is also a wedge by which to attach legal liabilities within poorly constructed third world legal systems and these liabilities have profound effect on food security by which the corporation, Monsanto in this case, and its host nation state will gain political control over the
african people.!

michael, food is an international commodity with all the attendant complications .  Much of the anti gmo activism would do well to concentrate on this, which many have.

Monsanto still rules the roost in East Africa right now, where they are pushing the envelope in some of the world's most food security risk areas.  If the counter ag movement to gmo is serious, it will have to engage the ministries of ag of these countries with solid detailed proposals   They have to listen to Monsanto, becuase monsanto is PREPARED and we are not as agriculturalists interested in policy.

So, good work to bring this to my attention thank you and to your guests.  However, the anti gmo movement is not well organized in a practical sense yet.   I support what you are doing, michael, with metro farm because it is truly ag oriented and advocates general good ag practices without alot of rancor.

Be prepared for frozen peas and carrots grown and processed in kenya and shipped frozen AIR FREIGHTto the US and here is another international trade factor of distortion in third world economies that I could discuss for along time, seemingly forgotton and now most of the serious critics of this dynamic are "missing in action" due to retirement or death , etc.  GMO is based on a economic decision by bean counters at Monsanto, justifying profit making "research" (employment for bio-chemists) and not on humanitarian grounds.

Some gmo may be acceptable in biohazard control conditions for medicines I would think grown in special plants, but even this is dubious considering such plants already are abundant in nature for medicines and the rest.   Ironically reduction in plant species occasioned by destruction of natural environments produces the means for a profitable environment for gmo products!
And monsanto provides the herbicides to accomplish this undesirable simplification of plant species .

Domestication is a dangerous road, we need alll the wild things we can save at this point or the collective gene pool of all life here will be wasted.