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Title: A Fool I Was
Post by: natural blacks on April 23, 2007, 09:03:01 AM
a fool i was
for 20yrs i played by ur rules
i let myself be used
as i
sat in ur old church benches
reeking of hypocrisy and vindictive stenches
those years i
studied ur texts
and memorised ur lies
joined in whenever pythogoras was being glorified
admired the contributions u made
dissed at black ppl who sat idly and blamed
their ancestors being slaves
for the
way they behave
their inabililty to erase
this hate
and be, all they choose to be
"we free!"

a fool i was..
cause we still enslaved
they still manipulate
thru texts and teachers
politicians and preachers
we still being used
we still have no right to our own views
black colleges and
greek-letter-named sorioties
... that's bullshit!
and i say this with no apologies
these pay checks and top management positions?
we still don't own no businesses
still so many dying in our villages
from dumb ass diseases like
malaria and tubercolosis
we still being victimised
and they still gonna
hate the mind
that wrote these lines
still gonna call me racist
because i, denounce white supremacy
            ... or even speak of it
they still twistin truths, to
synchronise ur views
black views
so u too
will be like i was
to be used as a pawn
as a puppet for fighting ur own
from dusk til' dawn
then support ur actions
with what they see as
"good reason"
"for the benefit of humanity"
" 'proud black man!' "??
"by jolly, that's insanity"

       ...       things ain't changed
this ain't nuthin strange
we all been fooled
but now i know truth
and i'm breaking loose..
now what about u?