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Title: May Brings Two Full Moons And A Showy Venus
Post by: Yann on May 01, 2007, 06:18:31 AM
April 26, 2007
By DAVID WAKEFIELD, Courant Staff Writer

Full moons bookend May, while Venus, brilliant in the west, reaches its highest point in the sky. And just past mid-month, these two luminaries come together in a stunning tableau.

Nearly halfway up the western sky at sunset, Venus is so high and so bright that it is easily seen in a clear sky as the sun drops below the horizon. As the month begins, the planet appears directly above the red star Aldebaran, which lies low in the west. On May 2, the month's first full moon occurs, and an hour or so after sunset, the moon and Venus - the two brightest celestial objects after the sun - will balance each other on opposite sides of the sky.

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