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Title: H.I.M Earthday/ Birthday????
Post by: Azania 7 on July 24, 2007, 11:11:23 AM
Greetings all

Since yesterday (23 July) was/is(?) the Earthday/ Birthday of H.I.M i was just wondering if anyone could post information about the celebrations that took place and maybe how the different houses of Rastafari (e.g Bhingi or Bobo etc) celebrate the day or is it an extended celebration?
also wondering, is the celebratin for the 115th Earthday of Haile Selassie or is it a celebration of the day that he was born as man or is He celebrated at the age that he was in 1975??

Thanks to all who are able to help


Title: Re: H.I.M Earthday/ Birthday????
Post by: Empress_Tracy on July 26, 2007, 06:42:23 PM
Blessed Love, In philly the EABIC had a motorcade, I believe from Friday on they have psalm reading and service until his earthstrong. nyabhinghi 7 nights on bobo hill with all types of events. For ex. on Monday they had a childrens celebration on camp. but I can't give more specifics because i never been to a celebration for HIM earthstrong, I just was told about it.