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Title: Everyday Thoughts
Post by: kromain on May 10, 2003, 10:01:25 AM
Everyday Thoughts

How many of us have you subjected to hardships?
My soul remembers those large ships and whips
The word nigger coming from your lips

The world’s EX-MEN hunted, stigmatized
Subjected to harsh criticisms, fear driven lies
Babylon could never have been born from a woman’s thighs
Everywhere Babylon journeys, I hear sorrowful cries.

Your history, filled with Violence and Bloodshed
For this reason you must love the color red
Not because it represents the cleansing of the soul
But because it is blood you seek from the whole world
To you, life is worth less than Silver and Gold
Africa you try to control.

Aids your weapon for Genocide
The blood is on your hands, you can’t hide.
Because of you, how many African’s died?

Your banks, the new plantation owners
Your dollar, the whip
Globalization and international trade, your slave ship

Judgement is coming, the ALMIGHTY does not blink
Upon which your Titanic will sink
All people will be free to think
Of your stench, the world shall no longer stink.

HAIL HIM HIGH!!!!!!!!!!
SELASSIE I!!!!!!!!!!