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Title: On Jah's Mountain
Post by: Jah_Vibes on March 20, 2003, 08:29:00 AM
All is well at this height
Knowledge profuse, candid truths, understanding to soothe the most troubled of souls
And as the day blurs to night
Prophecies reveal, with the cracking of the seal, truths untold
Jah chosen people are lead to Zion
To assume their rightful place in his herd
And as I stand alongside Judah’s lion
I experience a Utopia never achieved by the use of any herb

The son of man appears and claims his throne
Overlooking his people with a joyous refrain
A crown fit for him alone
Earned on the cross on which he was slain
A small price to pay for the salvation of mankind he quickly announces
The beast no more his people finally free
We will share this paradise you and I he meticulously pronounces
For today prophecy is forevermore reality

And the people expressed their homage and praise
Perfection prevalent, proclamation present, positively possessed  
And still I felt as though in a daze
Optical obscuration, overwhelming ordainment, obviously obsessed
And the throne king turned and looked at me as if just noticing my presence
His loving expression and warm smile told me he understood
And as I bowed to him to pay reverence
He gestured to me and so I stood

Go forth and profess what you have seen without delay
And I cowered at his powerful voice realizing at once this was no request
Speak of what you’ve heard this day
And I vowed to do by utmost best
A sudden weakness enveloped my body and I had to lay on the grass beneath
Drifting off I heard him saying
As I awaked from my restive sleep
You have been to Jah’s mountain

Michael R. Mondezie

Title: Re: On Jah's Mountain
Post by: Bantu_Kelani on April 24, 2003, 10:06:41 PM
Wow! that's Beautiful. I wish I could experience JAH L.I.G.H.T and L.O.V.E like that. Respect to you King! Keep writting for the sake of our Soul..Jah Bless!


Title: Re: On Jah's Mountain
Post by: Jah_Vibes on May 01, 2003, 04:03:24 PM
Blessings sistren! Thanks so much for your kind words....... :)
It really means alot to me to reach the hearts of my readers and in so doing impact positively on their thoughts and by extension their lives.

I'll continue to do so by Jah grace and I hope I can chat with u one day.....

Jah Guide!!!