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Title: Tradtional Island Medicines
Post by: Makini on February 14, 2008, 06:15:48 PM
Hello All

Last Saturday I went to an open discussion on Herbal Remedies/Popular Medicines of the Tropics/Caribbean. There was a 3 day workshop hosted by the Medical Faculty of the University of the Wednesday where representative scientists all with a particular background in some area of popular medicine from places as varied as Anitgua, Grenada to Haiti to Nigeria and Ecuador, Mexico, came together for discussions. And a focus for the discussions was the TRAMIL Programme - Traditional Medicines of the Islands. All the herbal remedies that are used, that you use and are not sure scientifically why, this programme has been used for the last 24 yrs or so to validate or negate such uses through the use of applied sciences. The basic idea is going to communities particularly rural areas and finding out what plants are used for what ailments and then doing research on all botanical components of these plants to determine what's the active ingredients, bioavailability etc...

Just thought I'd drop a word on it. If you have any questions, can comment on it here...very big on herbs these days.