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Title: BLACK GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: Tyehimba on May 15, 2003, 06:11:25 AM
Black Gold

Hidden somewhere below the dusty haze
Of an timeless maze;.of creation
The fabled gold lay
A fabled fortune
A priceless treasure
A myth said some
Whispers of it blew my way
One rainy day
Enchanting my hungry soul
Would this mission bring redemption?
An end to the frustration?

Staff in hand I trekked through the hostile wasteland
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Cried my blinkered disbelieving brother
Burdened by his vanity
He he said it is but a myth
But I held steadfast
Determined to forge my reality
Trodding on wearily
Over the steep hills
And through the endless valleys
Through the backstabbing masses

The thorns bit into my bare feet
Till I met a battle scarred elder
Age-old wisdom etched upon his face
The treasure that you seek is over yonder; he said
but you have to look within
Within? Within what?
He smiled wisely and limped away
Disappearing quickly in the dusky twilight

A bird whistled in the distance
And I suddenly realized the significance
Oh! What great treasures I behold
My wealth was now limitless
Black gold when found is indeed priceless
My countenance now radiated with understanding

Ras Tyehimba