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Title: Once HURT and UNWISE
Post by: Alyse on July 01, 2008, 09:07:43 PM
(Stages of a growing abused child)

Lips sealed not being able to generate utterances

That vacant feeling within, the bitterness of a memory
Engraved in your being, stolen away was your virginity

Eyes shut unable to see beyond the immeasurable distances

* * * *

Trapped in an enclosed being

Revulsion, animosity, revulsion, animosity -libretto to the mind
Insanity protrudes, developing a sign

Combating and growing, giving life novel meaning

* * * *

Delusions of being the victim

Society contributed to this in-depth shame
Drowning in the quintessence of innocence within

Tears contributed to the loneliness again and again

* * * *

Stimulated with rage, yearning to reach a forgiving stage

Searching for knowledge and seeking compassion
Madly in need of a defined assertion

Deep thoughts- rummaging wisdom page by page

* * * *

Prepared to accept bitterness

Walking that path of outlandish solitude where darkness prevails
Striving while unconcealed memory engulfs the bitter details

Time passes by and comprehension fills the furnace

* * * *

Intellectuality overwhelms that once empty space

This is neither the end nor the beginning
Just a convulsion of emotions rotating

Neither without reason nor inert intent
since everything emerges to be Universe sent.