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Title: Last Revolutionary: Part Two
Post by: Ras Rebel on August 22, 2008, 09:37:50 AM
Last Revolutionary: Part Two
By Ras Rebel

Did Huey Newton live in vain?
Was Harriet Tubman certifiably insane?
Was Pac doing it simply for the fame?

Have we forgotten the numerous without name
Who were beaten and slain?
Who was Frederick Douglass and what did he stand for?
Do we seek degrees to get rich or to enrich the poor?

Was Booker Tís work futile?
The caged bird sings but when will he smile?
When will he learn the intention of his wings?
Instead of waiting on the next Malcolm X or Dr. Kingís
When will you break the curse?
No longer swayed by the power of the purse.

When will you tear down strongholds
To deliver lost souls?
Become a freedom fighter
Not just a rhyme writer
A people reacher
Instead of a pulpit preacher

Our current state is sick with the flu
But the cure is in you.
If you care for the youth
Look for the truth
And critically think

Our chain is only as strong
As our weakest link
What effects one affects all
If I trip you fall

Itís time to wake up
Look through Satanís make up
Like Esu and Jacob
Weíre Godís chosen
But our destiny is stolen

Trapped in a mental box
Held captive by the cunning fox
But with all his wisdom and all his wit
He canít put out the fire that God has lit
It burns from within a manís soul and his spirit
I speak to you truth let them with ears hear it

Let these words be blessed and manifest in your heart
Godís servant speaking through this art
Take heed for now you have heard
Dammed is he who ignores Jah word.