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Post by: Tyehimba on May 20, 2003, 02:26:45 AM
You say you love me,
Kisses wrapped in scented envelopes
I don't doubt your sincerity
But to love me, you got to understand me
Understand the philosophy that drives this entity

I don't follow the crowd
Prefer to be quiet rather than loud
Not expecting to be justified by the laws of man
Africa is where I stand
An ancient African warrior from an ancient African land

You say you miss me
Hearts entwined in synchronicity
But do you know what it means to be me in this society
Trapped by the cries of humanity  
Forever fighting for equality
My soul bonded in a covenant of spirituality

Hail the I
Wrapped in the cloak of Rastafari
The power of the holy trinity
Negust Negast
Speaking the language of emergency

The dreams I dream
Has an African gleam
To ride on a beam of pure fire
Hot and uncorruptable
Burning with desire
Got to take this struggle higher

On this chariot of destiny
There is room for you
Are you coming?
Rasta business is no joke business
Can't you see I am about my Father's business

Ras Tyehimba

Title: Re: If I Say I Love You
Post by: Alyse on June 22, 2008, 02:12:33 AM
If I say I love you,
Late moon light walks in diamond light dew
I do not expect you to doubt my sincerity
Because my words only come from understanding unicity
A philosophy rooted in intense divinity and extreme purity

The nature of your individuality
Your reserved essence is what mesmerizes me
The extreme of your rationality
Your roots hold the definite key
Ancient African warrior, oh come to thee

If I say I miss you
Then the tales of my heart will be true
How can a powerful woman of the universe
Ignore screams in diverse
Turn her back to fights of equality that drive our brethrens and sistrens to their hearse
This invincible spirituality should be conjoin, let it disperse

You will be worthy of imperial significance
Admired for staunch Rastafari assurance
Power-all power of the holy trinity
Conquering Lion recognized for your genuine identity
Speak your language of emergency

Dreams synonymous to my own
African gleam and pride sown
Fires so pure it burns my soul beyond recognition
Only destroying ills of a damned premonition
Desire bound-free us from alienation
Riddance to each and every abomination

Make way for this feminine force
Great is her inner source
I am coming
No jokes-foolish games I abhor
I know what I see, can you please open that door

Post by: siger on June 25, 2008, 10:04:57 AM

She nailed it!!

Post by: Poetic_Princess on June 27, 2008, 01:21:39 AM
well I have to agree with Siger, she did nail it Brethren Tyehimba :) both pieces complimented each other very well