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Title: In the next election....
Post by: nomo8 on November 05, 2008, 09:34:06 AM
too much emphasis on the executive branch.  At local, state and fed level of elected representatives, vote non lawyer, green if one is left, libertarian if one is right, or anything supportive of your view that is not democrat or republican. A suggestion, More important than transitory promises of policy implementation or how such candidates will bring "change we can beleive in"  is the integrity, honesty, personal background and character of a candidate. Especially for president.  For instance, I strongly disagree with some of Cynthia Mckinney's stated policy goals.  But,  I am reasonably certain that she is a person of sound character, integrity and all around decent person and at this point perhaps that is all we have left in changing the government of liars, crooks and extorted influence peddlers. Suggest,  Vote non lawyer always, although I imagine Mckinney has a law degree.

Curiously, the only candidate for president running in the previous election who had qualifications of personal character described, not a liar and with a personal background and history to back it up was the republican candidate and mormon, Mitt Romney.  Romney was the only candidate in the mainstream parties to lament and caution against attacking Iran and promoting dialogue (including war monger Obama) for peace and he so stated in a debate with other republican hopefulls on national television while they, and democrate coutnerparts, suggested annhilating Iran on almost any pretext.  Soon thereafter, a corrupt judge and police department , swat teams and other law enforcement extremists prepared for massive violence in Texas swept down on a little known breakaway Mormon commune that wasn't hurting anyone, a la Waco, kidnapped the children, forced them into child concentration camps , a legal action that failed ultimately but the damage was done and the Mormon religion was negatively linked with some Islamic tradition contrary to American bigomy laws leading to Romney's early departure from the race and influence .  Regardless of views on Romney or his religion, it is an example of what the string pullers want in a candidate. That is, someone they can believe in and extort to carry out preplanned policies hidden behind the proverbial veil of illusions we are shown. n8