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Title: Election Day 2008
Post by: Ras Rebel on November 05, 2008, 12:38:04 PM
Election Day, 2008
The People wait…..

They wait in line to change the time
wait in time to change the mind
long time coming,
The People wait patient

Grandmothers smile as separate and unequal
become Presidential People

A generation of youth witness self-truth
African leadership in the 21st century
Breaking chains of inferiority
Awakening African Royalty

They Re-member who they are
They remember Sundiata
The remember Queen Nzinga and Makeda
They remember Tutankhamun, Nefertiti, the Pharaohs
King Sunni Ali Ber, Mansu Musa, Shaka Zulu
They Re-member
As they wait to elect an African President.

They remember the African precedent
that established civilization
they remember the African foundation
that built the Western Nations
they Re-member as they wait

casting a ballot, hoping for change
a change that began we they evoked their legacy
African Kings and African Queens reclaiming humanity

~Ras Rebel I~