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Title: We Get the Last Laugh
Post by: Ras_Joe on September 04, 2003, 10:56:17 AM
We Get the Last Laugh(Poem)

I was motivated to write this poem after seeing this slain brothers picture posted in the a NYC newspaper at the West Indian Day Parade/Carnival.

We Get the Last Laugh by Ras Joe

Laying in a pool of Blood for all to see
I yell out pure madness
Because this is Disrespectful to me

This system, these wicked Bastards will stoop so Low
Just to show a picture of another dead black bro.
But Oh No I say, not this damn time
It's Time For INI to stand up and not be undermined
By a system who wants to takes us out
without a doubt
Do You feel what I am saying what I am talking about
To many times do we let this bullshit slide
While these evil mother!@##% stand off laughing at the side
But not this time they can't get away with this shit
If it was us on them
They would sure come and straighten it
So let's reverse the tables for ah change
Not waiting for them to take another direct aim
That will kill anyone of us in their path while they unload and reload creating another blood path.
Do you see how they operate to protect white domination
These crazed individuals don't give a damn about INI situation
This is why they posted the picture of the dead brother
To show their supporters as if saying f!@# them motherf!@#@!
But damn their gang of theives and hypocrites
Who will one day face Jah and be held accountable for it.
So let them keep disrepecting INI people as if clowns but when Jah lightening strikes Babylon Falls Down.

Ras Joe