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Title: Professor Gabriel Oyibo: GAGUT
Post by: Iniko Ujaama on December 28, 2008, 10:02:15 AM
Greetings all
I would like your thoughts on GAGUT(God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem). I came across Professor Oyibo on the internet and saw some of his lectures on ( ( ( ( (

I would like to hear your thoughts on the theorem etc. Prof. Oyibo has been nominated four times for the Nobel Prize but has not been awarded it. In the lectures he gives a simplified version of the theorem where he identifies hydrogen as the one element of the universe and uses Kemetic cosmology particularly with reference to Atum(Atom) and (waves)Nun to explain the universe. I look forward to checking out his book(s) to look more closely at what he is saying. I was not aware that there was Grand Unified theorem in existence. However since then I have seen another individual from Sweden proposing another such theory, also on His Nassim Haramein.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Blessings and guidance

Title: Re: Professor Gabriel Oyibo: GAGUT
Post by: Iniko Ujaama on December 28, 2008, 10:09:36 AM
I should say also that I find it rather puzzling that so little information is available on Professor Oyibo despite the prestige of the Nobel nomination and the apparent significance of this "Theory of Everything".
 ??? :-\

Title: Re: Professor Gabriel Oyibo: GAGUT
Post by: Iniko Ujaama on December 28, 2008, 04:27:43 PM
I have gotten further information on the gentleman. Apparently there has been a lot of doubt surrounding him(which in and of themselves do not discount him entirely but is food for thought). From his video, I think he has some sense however, I was reading this interview with him and I don't  know....

I'd still like anyone who is familiar with science and with his work to share their assessment of him. On certain points I concur with him but I do not know enough as pertains other realms to assess his work, nor have I read his works.

Title: Re: Professor Gabriel Oyibo: GAGUT
Post by: nomo8 on January 25, 2009, 11:47:56 PM
The big bang theory is essentially dead to many cosmologists and especially to electric universe theory proponents.  Interesting here that the pope is mentioned.  The bing bang theory was postulated by a French astrophysicist who expressly was trying to mathmatically prove a "creation" outside of time and space consistent with the christian world view. Since the child's argument applies here (what came before the big bang?, or what "cuased" the universe to be "created?), all you have left is "god".   Once the french scientist devised his theory he ran to the Vatican proclaiming proof of this wonder and it propped up the fantasy of a male creation incident by a "god" who the pope alone speaks (infallability) to and thus we have the reinforcement  of a subject people and divine right of kings, etc.   Blech!

I think at least some traditional AFrican animists do not necessarily see this, like other traditional peoples, they, more scientifically in fact (like the Taoists), see the universe itself as all that has ever been and all that ever will be and that the universal god is one and the same as this eternity, literally the body of god is the universe.  This idea will get you shot at by Christians and jews, who must have a "being" of fatherly origin, anthropomorphic, that can be used to order society according to a caste of priestly oligarchs who "speak" to this man god. 

It doesn't mean much that a person is nominated for a nobel prize, that is just a petition.  Many quacks have been nominated. Much enjoyment is to be had studying electric universe theory and web site , very approachable to non scientists with broad view .   

the universe is incomprehensible in its totality, for eternity, to any creature, no matter how "advanced" that is part of it. We are puny and insignificant at best, we do not even understand the fundamental phyical construct of a blade of grass or grain of sand.   Anyone who claims  a "theory of everything" is necessarily, in my view, a fraud.  How could anyone be so arrogant?  If one does beleive in an allmighty God, haven't the ancients passed on this issue enough, that such as this in unknowable in the extreme and it is better to try and fathom God's many manifestations as, perhaps, lesser dieties? Science? Perceptive spirituality?

Personally, I shake a rattle made of deer horn with an attached dried sheep's bladder filled with jingly sounding metal beads , it helps....hazard to say it actually works, but I don't understand how....and I never will.

Title: Re: Professor Gabriel Oyibo: GAGUT
Post by: haroldkraus77 on March 13, 2009, 10:17:46 PM


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Title: Re: Professor Gabriel Oyibo: GAGUT
Post by: nomo8 on March 14, 2009, 10:26:22 PM
haven't been on here in awhile and see the the numerous references and attributions supporting Prof. Oyibo as a mathematician.  Mixed in with it all is an appeal to religious orthodoxy and belief in a "god" projected by supporters of Mr. Oyibo.  Why, one referenced individual's comments are, in only one sentence, offered by the blogger to support the idea that Mr. Oyibo is currently the one individual on earth "closest to god". 

Maybe Mr. Oyibo should go to palestine and fulfill some self fulfilling prophecy waiting around for his godlike touch.  Honestly, these sorts of things come along all the time and it is usually all about money or generating it, for endless conferences and symposiums while Rome burns. Seems like another new effort to shore up established social orders that appear to be failing rapidly, especially organized religion.  I see there is alot about the United Nations mixed in here, probably connected with some sort of proclamation by that body affiliating itself with some sort of new quasi scientific, psuedo religious quackery.  the UN can beg money off us for a GAGUT global conference and to establish a GAGUT official department with a budget.

Please oh mighty GAGUT and his son Oyibo, tell us whether insecticide laced mosquito netting is good or evil?  Well, what the hell was this guy working on that was going to make any kind of difference for anyone in Africa ?   But I am sure wih his great wisdom as the godliest person on Earth, He will make us understand what is right and wrong and if the UN says insecticide laced mosquito netting is OK, then, oh blessed Gagut, it must be so as the UN has sanctified with their holy artifacts and rituals the one truth, all encompassing, unifying , ,etc ad naseum, the infallability of Gagut! Hail Gagut!

Title: Re: Professor Gabriel Oyibo: GAGUT
Post by: haroldkraus77 on June 15, 2009, 08:28:24 PM
GOD'S Definition of GAGUT, Prof Gabriel Oyibo and why Harvard and other top universities want GAGUT (

Title: Re: Professor Gabriel Oyibo: GAGUT
Post by: haroldkraus77 on June 17, 2009, 11:36:53 AM (