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Title: Who Do You THINK I am?
Post by: Atelemuyen on January 01, 2009, 11:47:17 AM

Where do you come from?

Where do i come from

Do you ask where i am from?

No, i mean where do you come from?



His face flushes; pauses as he tried to conjure another angle

So, where are your parents from?



Yes, really!?

But that cannot be right because...


Because you are 'black' but not ...

But not what!

But not white?

Ugh what a plight!

Be gone with your devious tack

No, i am not 'black'

Black is the colour of a knight

Neither good nor bad least your lost in sight

Yet, you are right neither be i white

Leadeth me to tell you this in words alright!!!

Keep your beady eyes off my proud skin

If you are not colour blind; then, i say your sight is too thin

I am not 'black' but Afro British

Dark brounze is the colour of my skin

You see my eyes, lips, ears, and the fine Yorb nose of mine

These are my appreciated gifts from the Almighty Divine

Have not my ancestors told you once befor in acclaim:

Take back your questions of corruptible interest ; rectify your devious aims

Yet, this young man before is saying nothing but the same

'The same' The notion that commends the words 'I can'

Be I not just like you, the son to a woman and to that of a man?

Where have i come from!?

What is your point?

You keep asking yourself questions as i have one for you too

Who do you think I am?