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God In Man

0 weary son of sorrow great!
How apt art thou to bow and grieve,
And count all things thy solemn fate,
As if thou canst not self retrieve!
May I not tell the story true
Of that Eternal Force that is-
The Force that makes the world and you;
The Force that rules and ever lives?
Thou art the living force in part,
The Spirit of the Mighty 1;
The God of Heaven and your heart
Is Spirit that can never die.
You're what you are in heart and mind,
Because you will it so to be;
The man who tries himself to find,
Is light to all, and great is he.
In each and every one is God,
In everything atomic life;
There is no death beneath the sod,
This fact, not knowing, brings the strife.

Marcus Garvey
August 26, 1927