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Title: White Rastafari
Post by: peaceloveharmony on March 03, 2009, 05:09:07 AM
If you say I cannot be a rastafari cause I is white, will I not return to my bredren and tell them to hate rastafari?

why can I not accept your goals, ideals, culture if I have none?
cant I show support against babylon or must your babylon cast I aside and say I am not worthy, is this not what I&I's ancestors did to you?


Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: EmpresKeneilwe on March 05, 2009, 06:29:40 AM
This is reverse psychology.

it's good to show support, but what are you as the white society doing about the situation as a (white) group? Why the need to intergrate with us?  ???What are you hoping to achieve by joining us? ???

I know some of you mean well, but I cannot bring myself to trust you, that you want to do good for us. My thought is that you too concerned about your priviledge. Like how you expect everyone to just accept you. That's white mentality. "every1 loves me, why can't you?" That is hard for you to give up.

Example, if i'm in a relationship with you, you beat me up, the next day, u buy me a gift, and tell me, I made you do it. It's my fault and i deserved it. That you were doing it for my own good. the classic is, "U KNOW I LOVE U right?" "RIGHT".

As much as i overstand now what Rastafari means, I also know to guard against the arrogance white people have shown over and over again. it's so easy for you to say one love, we are going against H.I.M words if we see color. Color is everywhere. Society isnt color blind, we all know that. The very fact that you can differentiate between red and blue, means we are color conscience. That's a given.

Rastafari, just like Africanism is about being PRO_BLACK, and not anti-ANYBODY. What's wrong with that?
What's wrong with wanting only people who look like you or treated like you in your clan?
Why is it hard for you to overstand why we cannot trust or let you in our space? WHY?

Why do we have to accept you without questions as to what your motives are? They say, you can trust them all, but not the devil inside. I know there are black idrens that are devilish. But I personally believe in sticking with my race. getting them on the right track.

I dont know much about the KKK. I'm on the continent. As we all know, it's a white christian supremist klan right? So if I, as a black person, hate all blacks for whatever reason(color, religion, class,etc.), one day I decide to join the klan, do you think they would accept me simply bcoz i hate blacks and shared the same sentiments as them? Dont get me wrong, I'm NOT saying this movement is about black supremacy, but I'm simply making an anology! If I come across as being racist, then so be it.


Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: gman on March 05, 2009, 01:44:12 PM
The white rasta says she or he has no goals, ideals or culture... I sorry fuh s/he...
Other than 'marbles' who is showing some respect, most of the white posters on here that I've noticed seem to have a shallower grasp of what Rastafari is supposed to be about than a lot of white people I know who make no pretense of being/looking/or talking like "Rastafari". I talked to an 80 something year old white lady in the hospital where my grandmother is at the other day, she had a better idea of what rasta supposed to be about than most of the so called white rasta posters I see on here (despite her opening conversational gambit, "Why are you wearing a rastafarian hat?" "Why... because I'm Rastafarian.")
Empress Keneilwe your patience does you credit. Respect!

Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: EmpresKeneilwe on March 06, 2009, 02:36:12 AM
Give thanks and blessings RasGMan.

Please share with us what the white lady had to say about the family. Would be much appreciated.


Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: gman on March 06, 2009, 01:30:37 PM
Hail up sistren
It wasn't a long conversation. Basically:
lady: Why are you wearing a Rastafarian hat?
gman: [slightly bemused/amused] ... Because I'm a Rastafarian.
lady: the rastafarians all used to wear those hats.
gman: still do.
lady: I remember when what was his name... the king...
gman: Haile Selassie.
lady: Right, I remember when the Italians killed all those people. That was terrible...
[continues in this vein for a couple minutes.]
I suppose it was misleading to say she "knows more" about Rastafari, what I meant was she knew some general things about our culture and was sympathetic to it without trying to infiltrate it.
Similarly my late grandad on my white side, when I showed him a video of Bob Marley performing, said "He looks like a real revolutionary... like Owain Glyndwr!" (Owain Glyndwr was the last welsh king who fought against the English. My grandad was a bit of a radical trade unionist so he liked "revolutionaries". And like lots of people of his generation he remembered Haile Selassie being in exile in Britain and had supported him against Mussolini at that time.
So I'm not saying these elderly white people know everything about Rastafari, more that they understand (if not overstand) a little bit about it and they respect the fact that it's a Black liberation movemant.
Hope that answers your question... I have to go now... would like to reason with the I more about wah gwaan in Azania and Southern Africa in general, some time when time permits. Have you heard of the Shack Dwellers' Movement which started in Durban? I don't know the url of their website offhand, will have to look it up some time. They sound like a great movement.
Nuff Respect and Blessed Love

Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: EmpresKeneilwe on March 09, 2009, 05:05:04 AM
Blessings for taking the time to relay the I story.
And i fully agree that there are some whites who understand, though not fully, our-story! and respect it. And stay away.

Most of today youth, we dont respect anyone "boundaries" and it's so sad to see all the animosity going around. but we need stand together as the black family. No apologies for that. I mediate everyday that they try to understand where we are coming from as a people.

Have you heard of the Shack Dwellers' Movement which started in Durban? I don't know the url of their website offhand, will have to look it up some time. They sound like a great movement.
I will not lie and say that i have. I'm ashamed of that. But I've realised here at home, things arent so easily accessible, well at least I havent had the luck to get to such things. Even the Rastafari isn't easily found. maybe I'm ignorant. But I'll research more and learn.

peaceloveharmony, do you perhaps a lil' more insight as to how we feel? I know what I wrote may not appeal to others, but I'm sure there are ones who feell more or less the same.


Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: gman on March 09, 2009, 05:49:55 PM
Empress let there be no shame in de I's game... of course all such information is deliberately kept as obscure as possible... because more people would start to rise up, if they realised how much people were doing so already... their intention is to keep us isolated and discouraged but it will not work, I AND I ARE ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT IN THE VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL. Their system is a dead man walking, seen?
Since it doesn't really fit with the subject of this thread, I'm putting the link for the shack dwellers' movements in the Essays and Reasonings section under Ras Meneliks's post about South Africa.
Bless up!

Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: NigistNegest on March 15, 2009, 10:32:49 AM
Greetings to one & all.

I mean,WHY should afrikans of the world trust you, GIVE one good reason WHY?
Every time afrikans welcome white people to be partakers of a surtain common blessing to man, then its just about a matter of little time they try by all means necessary to over shine Us and overthrowing Us by totally overpowering US.
As it was in those time so it is now,JUST LOOK AT IT, my father always told me, the children of DOGS ARE DOGS, have you seen a DOG GIVE LIFE TO A KANGAROO of course NOT.

Unless it is your brilliant artificial insemination program.

So the child of the oppressor is an oppressor! if you want to show your sympathy to the millions of negroes world wide you need to start changing yourselves ,look in the mirror and make a change.
A serious move for righteousness to fight against your governments just like you fight for the wall of berlin to fall , just like you fight ina the world war ,just like you fight palestine for israel you need a revolutionary & radical movement for turn down babylon remote control of this wicked system of things,show your people the vision of the negroes the dreams of the negroes,for afrika for the afrikans  and then you shall se THE WORLD IN PEACE .in this way we serve as an inspiration for your people to play the role for the greatness and integrity and the cleansing of consciousness process of this huge human family .
When black people riot on the streets for the cause of negroes you see black people getting the beating not white , so called Rastafarian,

Hon.profet jahsua of nazareth said that everyman who livit as christ & for christ is gona have to care the cross of life. Not ,in some greedy nature witch some people got INHERIT from those time,thats right i said it IGNORANT GREEDINESS IS A WHITE iNHERITANCE,it runs in their veins they cant do nothing about, cause them dont know JAH .
Only jah can do something about it, in his own INTELLIGENT TIMING AND SPACE cause JAH IS JUDGMENT & JUSTICE  in the SAME TIME  CANT RUN CANT HIDE FROM IT having said that JAH IS US.  In the heart and flesh of all man


Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: RedAshes on April 29, 2013, 08:01:20 PM
Similar to how one of the responders on that thread assumed that every white man is the same man as the one who abused her. People's ignorance cannot be solved by a religion, it takes someone who is wise that can teach them the truth. Otherwise they will just be more and more confused, and assume that they know the future based on past events. Refusal to understand that the future is a place that can change is the problem that keeps people stuck in the vicious cycle of repeating the past. My frustration level is something that is calmed like the raging storm that was calmed by Jesus, in that, a Rasta-Man is not simple. A true rasta-man is something that the serpent does not want it to exist, therefore the confusion of many who wish to be with Jah is increased by the serpent, to destroy Rasta, and cause it to be something that is not real. Something people merely argue over, instead of overstanding it. See, yet, that is the point of this reasoning, to learn of Jah.

Bob Marley did not die from being half-white. I do not think that Jah killed him. Bob Marley's death was something that the serpent caused (I think that it was murder) to destroy Rasta off of the Earth. Rasta is the true religion of Jah, and the enemies of the Universe want Rasta to die, by killing Bob Marley. That way, more confusion will exist of Jah, instead of people who know what to think about it.

the serpent is out to destroy the ENTIRE universe. See, there is a lot more going on spiritually than just the simple argument over "Rasta" on the earth. The serpent is the enemy of the entire Universe, and wants all of this to have never happened. Bob Marley was something that, while alive, helped many people to know of Jahovah, and people smoked marijuana because of him. That is something that the serpent despises more than anything else that could possibly happen. There is a reason why marijuana is the thing they do not want people to have more than anything else, it is because marijuana is one of the most important things to people. Without marijuana it is easier for them to torment humans and end their lives with things like cancer. Also, Rick Simpson says that Marijuana is the cure for cancer if it is used the correct way, which means that if the whites have incurred Jah anger, marijuana is the only way to cleanse their soul of evil.

Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: Grady on February 10, 2014, 01:36:46 AM
As a white man living in modern babylon I seek truth and knowledge from Rastafari. All of humanity started in Africa and unfortunately when humanity branched out the Africans who came to Europe forgot their roots in Africa and turned against it. I do not expect or ask for respect and to be excepted  or even a reply to my post for Rastafari to me is very personal as a journey to better myself and my relationship with Jah and humanity as one family. I understand and do not understand the prejudice being white produces when going on a spiritual journey. Though I know it will be impossible for any white man to fully understand or feel the struggle they put upon Africa that still harms the great nation to this day, but  we where still a part of it I do not like to say "we" when I speak of slavery for I had nothing to do with it and the thought of putting any one through that for a second hurts the soul more then anything!  every man should know freedom!  I know of his majesty I am not some stoner and acknowledge there is a big population of Rastas who choose to not smoke the healing of the nations and see the belief is a much bigger factor then the smoking of herb. Haile I himself said he would not stand for racism that does not exclude any member of our human family to promote racism. It does not give a right to any one to speak ill of races. It is not as I have a choice to be born in Babylon it is not a choice to be who I was born but the choice is to find Zion be closer to Ethiopia in spirit in mentality no matter where I am in this beautiful world. It is the past that brought I to Rastafari it is what I see where I live it is what I am trying to separate from. I understand the trust problems with what might be seen as my people but what you might call my people is a way of being decided by the individual with pressures from temptation and babylon I respect and love all of my global family I just choose to seek light and truth and growth. Call I a bald head if you please I will show nothing but respect, just as Jah choose to touch his feet to the soil and not the carpet my journey is love and respect on a global level with open mind and heart  to all one people. It is this idea of resenting a group People that will hold us back as family as people as the world educate and embrace all this is how I believe change will be reached for a better world

Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: Ras John on February 23, 2014, 09:04:10 AM
why couldnt you be a rasta if you are white? yea,maybe they say you can not, but dont listen to them. To be a rasta is to be with Jah. adn Jah is love, and he loves every human black or white. Yea,its true that a white person cannot fully understand the pain of being enslaved, but this is not what rastafari is about. Dont say "white rastafari" because for me theres no white rastafari and black rastafari but just rastafari. If you are serios with HIM and all about the faith, than you are a rasta :)it doesnt depend if you are black or white

Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: IrishRasta on March 09, 2014, 03:12:21 PM
Jah loves all. Doesn't matter if I white or black. As long as I and I actually know about Selassie, Jesus, Jah, the lion of Judah and the meaning of dreadlocks etc. I'm a Rasta. This is how to tell the difference between a real white Rasta and a fake.

If I and I overstand Jah, The Lion of Judah, the fact that Jesus was black (Most Likely), HIM, the meaning of the herb, and the meaning of Dreadlocks I and I is a true Rasta. 

Also true white Rastas either have proper dreadlocks or none at all and either smoke the herb in healthy amounts (Depends on location) or don't smoke at all.

If a white Rasta doesn't eat meat and doesn't drink, that means that it's very likely that I and I is a true Rasta.


Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: kamau maina on July 09, 2014, 02:20:15 PM
Greetings I bring from the Most High to everyone.
I N I has been on the both sides of the zebra reasoning. Born and raised in the motherland with Jah guidance and protection and then I came to Australia among other things overstand the Babylon ways in more details. In summary,it depends where anyone is reasoning from because like zebra, black and white stripes does not mix to define but exist  together separately. Its hard to put yourself in another's mans  shoes if they are barefooted. Australian aborginals are in the verge of loosing their culture because the white system is putting themselves{those who feel they are helping}in them shoes but they are barefooted.

Title: Re: White Rastafari
Post by: Duke on July 14, 2014, 05:35:42 AM
I am a rasta, I have spent the past year learning and educating myself on rastafari beliefs and cultures so I can comfortably call myself rasta. I don't call myself a white rasta even though my skin is white, I refer to myself as a rasta because I know that I follow my heart which tells me the Rastafari way is how I wish to live my life.  I would like to write this message to publicly apologize to all on this site, and to all who see it. For I at one point gave a bad name to Rastafarians. I misused the sacrament, as well as used many poisons from Babylon such as alcohol and cigarettes. All I did was listen to reggae and start growing my hair. I am glad that I have found this site to give my apologies to all who follow jah, and praise be to HIM for giving I enlightenment so I could get myself out way of life.  Thank you to all who read and listened to my piece about being a rasta as a white young adult. Peace and love