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By Nathan Hare and Julia Hare
“... one of the most important analyses to appear in the last fifteen years.” – Haki Madhubuti,
Poet, Publisher, Educator.
Others have likewise praised The Endangered Black Family and its
novel insights into black male/female relations, black family
destruction and black male suppression particularly after the
black male was placed on a backburner from 1969 to 1984..
Called prescient and complimented for its foresight in today, The
Endangered Black Family is the final and compelling compendium
of fifteen years of relentless investigation by a husband-wife
team, told in the lucid language of the layman, yet documented
and authoritative.” Written by the founding editors of the journal,
Black Male/Female relationships, The Endangered Black Family is
widely regarded as the most insightful and courageous book ever
written on the subject of black male/female conflict and trouble.
Aside from an account of how the family and reproductive agendas of a white dominated
society agitated the decay of the black family and family relationships, this book spotlights a
plethora of insights and information in chapters such as: “What Makes a Man a Pimp?, The
Pimp –Whore Complex: Learning to Love/Hate, The Successful Black Woman’s Man Problem,
Blues for Snow White: The White Woman/Black Man Attraction, Why Black Women are Turning
to Suicide, Who Killed Black Sexuality?, What is Black Feminism? What is Black Masculinity?
Coping with Alienation in the Coming Bad Years,” and what’s ahead in “The Second Stage.”

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