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Post by: Empress_Lioness on March 22, 2003, 09:38:35 PM
Why dem waan keep I away from the only thing that keep I from going insane?
All this stress, and this strain has an effect on my brain.
InI jes waan get to a point when I can feel no pain,
then I can sit back, relax, and have Iternal gain.
Come like, my life is in vain, if my strength can't remain,
can I jes blaze up mi chalice an praise Sellasie I name?

I don't want to get too "high",
it ah meditation thing.
Jes mi, I thoughts, and the Almighty King.
Unu noh da King I talking about,
the one who's ways are recommended, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and King David direct descendant.
He is the Lion of Judah, He compliment InI, He is da Almighty King, Jaaaah--Ras Tafari.
He came with a message that mek da whole ah we equal, and of course He had the power to liberate I people.
But back to the point!
Jah noh star, where mi joint?
Pay close attention as these lips annoint.
One of the most beautiful things next to life itself, an all da while dem ah chat bout it bad fah I health.
But what's worse?
If I sniff some coke and snatch a purse, get shot by the cops and tek a ride in  hearse?
With herb there is no need fah I body to speed, an I doubt you get robbed cause InI bun da weed.

Pass mi a Rizzla,
I can work with this.
What about all it's medicinal purposes?
Too much of anything is potentially harmful to life,
but I abused liquor, crack, or herion, then I'd really be trife.
I just a humble servant, a dawta, The Lioness--Don't vex with mi cause I love bun di sess.
InI reject babylon, an dem mad cause dem can't tax mi.
After InI wash mi locs, a fat spliff mek mi happy.
Cause I choose to work in my home, remain the queen of my throne, an mek sure my pickney are properly grown, I REFUSE to punch a clock, babyon go ah hell, because mi can stay home, mek jes di same money AND puff on an "L".

It's da healing of da nation,
believe dat if yuh can.
It was found on the grave of the most wisest man.
It nevah mek yuh do wrong,
I don't know why dem keep branding, and labeling weed because it just mek fi better overstanding.

An at the end of mi day, when mi deh a yaad chillin,
I'll smoke jes enough then skinout fi ah killing.
Mi tek  hit of da spliff, get a good whiff, then enhale an thank JAH fi dis marvelous gift.

While dem pray to dem god,
the one innah di sky,
InI pray for MORE STRENGTH from Jah Ras Tafari.
Because mi bun weed an wear locs some think I a rebel.
By the way,
Aren't you tired of praying to a blonde-haired devil?

While you wait fah your miracle tl the end of your days,
I'll jes light up the chalice an give Sellasie's name praise!
I'd bun out hunger, bun out injustice, bun out inequality, illiteracy, ignorance, abuse an so on.
InI bun out dem babylon until it all gone.

Marijuana IS NOT harmful,
that are di truth, no matter how dem twist and tun it.
The USA ex-commander-in-chief himself use to bun it.

Dem can ban liquor, ban heroin, ban crack, and ban coke,
but leave da BLESSED HERB fah real Idren fi smoke.

I getting vex again,
unu noh seh mi is a fighter!
Which part mi spliff?
An somebody pass mi mi lighter.
Fahgit dat, so it go, an InI nah compromise it,
So do mi a favor babylon an jes

A "LIONESS" publication
all rights reserved    

Title: Re: LEGALIZE IT!!
Post by: Ras Mandingo on March 23, 2003, 04:36:58 AM
Give Thanks Lioness,

Here are two links I love for more arguements on this topic:

And the leaves of the tree is for the healing of the nations!!!


Ras Mandingo Jahson.

Title: Yes Impress, Legalization
Post by: Tyehimba on March 23, 2003, 07:23:19 AM
Greetings Sistren,

i have a question for the I(s). Do you think that the recreational smoking by some rastafarians and the association of Rastafari with Ganja (in terms of if one sees a rasta the first thought that usually enters his head is marijuana) has impacted negatively on Rastafari. For example Rastafari has often been used as a mechanism of escapism for weed smokers to justify their habit.
Furthermore the way that ganja is smoked nowadays as joints in a way has desecrated what is supposed to be a  holy sacrament. Man go a dance drink and smoke 2 joints.

I personally am against  recreational smoking of Ganja. I have seen too any youths abusing it and using Rastafari to justify their abuse. InI believe in the use of the communal pipe,and smoking being done in moderation always remembering that herb is a vehicle, not a destination.

There are so much uses for marijuana: cooking, making oil/fuel, clothes, rope etc that Rastaman have to explore.


Keep writing sistren/blessed love

Title: Re: LEGALIZE IT!!
Post by: IanI on April 03, 2003, 07:37:24 AM
Irie Greetings Ras!

Sistren write a FINE poetry there!

Ras... no Rasta a promote the 'recreational smoking a ganja'.
And it must be overstood that Rasta is NOT responsible for the abuse a the herb. And should never be accused a such.
Just because some dreads choose to smoke the sacred herb as amusement... first, the dreads don't make them Rasta... next, their behaviour is nothing more then their behaviour, right or wrong...
and it should not and does not impact negatively upon those than know RASTAFARI.

The Rastaman know the uses of the herb. Them things is nothing new... rope, oil, cooking, medicinal tea, etc, etc, etc.
Is the ones that want to know Rastafari that come to learn these things, them a the ones that need to explore. Rasta already know. seen.

If the Wisdom Weed has 'impacted negatively' upon Rastafari, well... what's new!? Babylon a do them best to 'impact' Rasta negatively all the while. Foolish youth that abuse we sacred herb a just impact negatively upon them own selves... and if others see Rasta negatively because a them...
that is typical for the non-thinking babylonian masses that just take everything pon it's surface and no explore the depths. Been written about for ages!
Rasta don't live for acceptance by Babylon...

One Love...
IanI a pass the challis with the words of Praise and Thanks...
unto the Almighty Most High
JAH Rastafari
Selassie I
IanI Rastafari
Guidance and protection

Title: Re: LEGALIZE IT!!
Post by: Ras Mandingo on April 03, 2003, 07:59:05 AM
Give Thanks for the words IanI ;D

Blessed Love,

Ras mandingo jahson.

Title: Re: LEGALIZE IT!!
Post by: Ras Rebel on August 01, 2008, 11:34:29 AM
Mo Fiya!!!

Free up di herb!