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Title: The Ignorant Form of Desire
Post by: Princess Tracey on September 10, 2003, 07:21:55 PM
The ignorant form of desire fulfillment is based on an erroneous understanding of the nature of one's desires and the way to resolve them. All desires arise from the need to regain the feeling of infinate bliss which comes from achieving unity and supreme peace. Thus, the wise form of desire is the desire to attain enlightenment. Due to identification with the mind and body, we search for fulfillment (bliss) by trying to satisfy the desires which arise in the mind and body, not understanding that the mind and body are only instruments that are to be controlled. When the spirit based desire for unity becomes confused with the physical body-sense desires, it searches for unity by establishing intimate relationships with other individuals. We become happy because the performance of sense-based activites temporarily allows us to realease tension in the mind. This temporary release of mental tension (agitation) is movement towards an illusion of peace, because once the tension has built back up, we must again seek situations which will provide the same release. Sometimes, this is attained through watching television, overeating, smoking, shopping, sexual activity and drugs. For some, when the frustration level builds beyond their ability to cope, they attempt suicide or if they percieve someone is a threat to their happiness or if they harbor deep resentment toward someone from the present lifetime or a previous one, they may become violent with that person, even to the point of murder. Since this type of activity is based on erroneous undrestanding, the desires were never truly met and thereby resurfaced again and again causing an endless cycle based on ignorance. The peace (release of tension) we experiance is only a glimpse of what is waiting for us in the enlightened state.

Muata Ashby