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Title: Untitled
Post by: Sis_Iyabinghi on May 25, 2003, 02:34:22 PM
The proof is in the pudding
yet oonu overridden
wid babylon lies and puzzles
regurgitating and repeatin' dem drivel
dem whitewash, hogwash, brainwash
education his-tory of yourself
and what you ought to be
dem a parasite and flea

Of Istory dem steal
den tek it, tweak it
and fix it for mass appeal
now we are led to beLIEve
that we afrocentric and cool
when in fact we still acting life fools
thirsty as hell in the abundance
of water in a vast ocean of know-ledge

And we a jesterah
inna king james courtroom
flipping, cartwheeling and somersaulting
to please the effeminate liar
with the same tricks and antics and semantics
dem a claim sey dem a Rasta
laugh out loud fi dat Iyah

We no inna dem confusion and crossfiyah
oonu god still dey up a golgotha
him dun give up de ghost, aih sah!
and oonu cruxificion pendant a de remnant
de sign and symbol of a murderah
but gimme de flag wid lion pon it
de true and living God man in flesh
Christ in His Kingly Character
Emperor Haile Sellassie
Ethiopian patriarch wid de ancient monarchy
Jah Rastafari who ruleth
in the hearts of many

From the four corners of the earth
every knee shall bow and confess
of His divinity and greatness
Lions and Lionessess, shout dat
sey we give t'anks for life, yes Ras
celebrate yuh freedom from confusion and strife, true dat
I'n'I a 'tan so back, watch dat
dey babylon system a collapse, yes Empress
and de sun and de moon a eclipse, no matter what
and we still a give t'anks fi dat, oh yes
Rasta a de truth and de way
de devil system cyan match dat
Rasta a de path for I'n'I trod, shout dat,
true dat, yes Empress, yes Ras!