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Post by: Bantu_Kelani on September 15, 2003, 07:49:27 AM
The I CHING (pronounced yee ching) or BOOK OF CHANGES explains the dynamic patterns that underlie all the Nature processes and human interactions. It's one of the oldest books in the world, dating back to around 1500 BC. or earlier...time when Black KEMIT Civilization extanded to the fartheest reaches of ASIA, thus has striking similarities with the Kemetic system of Philosopy!

Some scholars and scientists have linked the I Ching explanation of patterns of genetic code called 'Jungian psychology' to the binary basis or computor systems and the interaction of Forces in the macroscom.

We see many, many parallels between Science and Chinese philosophy. Eventhough they are 2 different approaches to understand the Universe, they supply us a paradigm that is inclusive to both.

If you want to pursue a deep understanding of some of the Ideas of Chinese Traditions, read the I CHING or BOOK OF CHANGES you will gain much Knowledge!


The I Ching or Book of Changes ( by C.F. Baynes

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