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Title: Babylon
Post by: NLDN on May 29, 2010, 08:32:13 PM
Money. Power. Greed.

The rise of all three aspects of this Babylonian lifestyle will, unless prevented, eventually lead to the harsh and oppressive downfall of I life, of I soul in I man.
The Leaders, Creators and Curators of Babylon encourage these things in InI and they will use it to achieve their wicked plan to prevent InI, worshippers of Jah, followers of King Haile Selassie I RasTafari, from accomplishing our goal.

They will smile at I,
even though it is obvious to see that they do not care for I.
They will educate I,
even though they fear the potential of I.
They will attempt to ensure I of never reaching that potential.
They will ask I to earn legal tender.
They will say it is for Iself,
for I necessity, I joy and I interest.
Through gradual, scheming trickery and hypocrisy
they will insist it back from I,
with vast interest,
to I pocket, I soul, to I passion, I value and I livity.
They will swipe the goods off I bare back.
They will not look back at their wicked ways in remorse.
They would never repent.
They are too corrupted. They have been corrupted
by dollar bills and dirty coins!
Gold and Silver! Pop and Politics!
Black oil. White supremacists!
They reward themselves from spilt blood, worked-out flesh, and ‘small sacrifices’.
They are not defined by the colour of their skins.
They are defined by their wickedness.
They are defined by their arrogance
They are defined by their ignorance.
They are defined by their actions.
They are Babylonians.

What are Babylonians?