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Post by: Sis_Iyabinghi on May 31, 2003, 08:12:35 PM
Dem curse from the day dem bawn
Dem curse from dusk till dawn

One in five youths living in poverty!
And the mass of the peeople have no
health security

Schools cutting back on teaching time
Even though they said no child
will be left behind

Affirmative action lawsuit in higher courts
To determine if it's of any worth
To the already 'deserving' and privileged
While the so called recipients are being hijacked!

Well tokenism has been exposed
As the negro conservatives are pontificating
While leaning upon their own weaknesses
and miseducation and misunderstandings
The equal playing field was always a delusion
And uncle tom's amerikkkan drean is an illusion

Dem curse from the day dem bawn
Dem curse from dusk till dawn

Now dem inna big financial mess
Now dem a liquidate human assets
The people have become a liability
In their global economic instability
Now dem cyan balance the budget
Billions and trillions of deficits
Trying to replicate ancient economics
That sustained dynasties and families

But dem run up inna inflation
An world wide depressions
While war machinations extract
Vital food outta de mouth of nations
Stock market crash!
Man a jump outta skycrapah
Dem loose dem cash
De money dun gone from nasdaq
From the pockets of the evil ones

Wey dem a go do without de index?
When the Euro dollor is the choiciest
Wey dem a go do?
Start build pyramids
When dem cyan ciphaw
Dat dey architectural enigma
Wey dem a go do when dem
Run up inna inflation
When dem cyan balance de budget
An de whole heap a deficit

An' dem wicked leaders
Starting wars without provocation
Den claim dem a praise geezas the peaceful
messiah, the christ of love
Now yuh raining bombs from up above
Christinsanity and fundamentalism clash
Nuclear annihilation in a flash!
In the name of freedom and democracy
What a catastrophe and controversy?
An' yuh expect I to beLIEve yuh hypocrisy?

Watch it! The skeeza rice and bowell and colon
Will pay the price of
Explaining/covering up their crimes
They will commit over time
Presenting false documentation
To prove their justification

But dem curse from the day dem bawn
Dem curse from dusk til dawn

Dem no know mercy and blessings
I'n'I life dem stressing
Jah people dem a downpress
Now dem inna one big financial mess
How dem a go balance de budgets
An dem whole heap a deficits?

An de whole worl' have an eye
Pan dem shakey empiyah
Yes I bun fiyah
Pan dem Iyah
For dem curse from the day dem bawn
Dem curse from dusk till dawn
Yes I bun fiyah
Pan dem liyahs and dem shakey empiyahs.