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Title: The Language Of Sound
Post by: RainMan on September 24, 2003, 03:14:40 PM
               In the beginning, the word was Sound and it still is.  It is thought which is the ultimate sound which is no sound yet all sounds.  Light is the first body of beingness which emits sound.  Different colors emits different sounds.  This concludes that you and I are emitting sounds continuously and harmoniously because of our auric fields.
              It is a frequency that runs parallel to light, creating the universal language of God, which is music.  Sound is always in a state of becoming as the thought changes.  It seeks perfection also as every other isness of God does.  Every thought has an electromagnetic reality with an inner sound value, which affects the atoms and molecules.  So whatever say you, your body feels it.  Each organ of the body has its own sound value.  That's to say that when you give yourself suggestions such as "I am tired" the body has to relax portion by portion.  Another way to analogize this truth is to say: when you say "I am God" you are affirming your next moment of being. "I" is you which is "God" and "am" is being. Simply put, you have connotated that "God is being God".
              This is the language of the senses which gives you biological perception, experience, and communication.  Your written and verbal language have to be based on this biological alphabet because it followed molecular roots.  Your speech represents your molecules existence amplified.  Because of your sounds from the spoken words which carry a different vibration than written words and the stimulation of its past, events everywhere are forming because of your speech.  Words are more than they seem.  Our language is encoded.  Through each alphabet, it has a meaning and their order tell a story about the unfoldment of God in man.  So due to the forming of events, it is sound that create reflected images that stimulate and structure consciousness.
              When you form a sentence, you also deal with probabilities.  To some extent, your body mimics the various muscular responses that might be involved with each unspoken sentence (the probabilities).  It is important to think about what you say before you speak it.  Even punctuation is sound you do not hear because sound is dependent upon the spoken and unspoken.  If you thought about saying it, then you have said it and then you wish to sanctify it to make it acceptable.

So in closing, we should choose our wording wisely and understand the power of sound.