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Title: prop 54, to end racial data of govt forms
Post by: illskillz on October 08, 2003, 01:48:19 PM
Evective jan 1 2005 the state of California prohibits collecting of racial data on  local,  state gov't forms for students or perspective employees.  this is to seeminly create an truly colorbind society in the most multi cultural plus populated state in the union.  while it dose not pohibit the collection of data of gender. the only exception is guess what people police work where it is ok to use race classification ok course.

no scolarships and afirmative action jobs can be lost in order than already empowered white males wont be discriminated against in a effort to try to recitfy the past discrimination which has crated perminent underclasses.  however cop can use race to get funds or overpolice areas of high ethinic concentrations.  

Is this right or wrong,

how did it past?

how do we feel about this

Is america at a point where things have evened to a point where race dosent matter anymore and society is should be colorblind?