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Death of AfricaReligion in Diaspora Afrika

by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD)

If thorough transformation of North Afrikans into Arabs in the name of Islam is not enough evidence to silence those who naively think Islam/Moslem has nothing to do with Arab power, domination and exploitation of Afrikans in the name of their Arab religion of Islam, the thorough and complete Christianization of 99 percent of Diaspora Afrikans in the name of freedom of worship, is another classical example of how the White Man has used his White Man Religion of Christianity to WESTERNIZE AND DE-AFRIKANIZE 99% OF DIASPORA AFRIKANS without their least knowledge of it .

Hence, in White USA, Europe, South America, and our Islands nations , the majority of Diaspora Afrikans who live there are either Christians or Moslems.

As far as they are concerned, religion to them can only be Christianity or Islam but never their Ancestral Religion of AFRIKANITY .

This means, most of them, especially in White USA have totally lost their Continental Afrikan Religion they brought with them and which kept them together and empowered them from within to survive their hell of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism in their Westernized, alien or foreign worlds or environments they now call and die for as their own .

Most of them have become so depended on, addicted to and enslaved

by the doctrines of Christianity that even in most of our "Black" churches today, it is not uncommon to find hanging on the walls, pictures of "white" God, "white" Jesus and "white" saints.

The "white" man's version of the Bible is their law. They all wear the

"white" Man dress, bear the "white" names, think like the "white", see the Creator with the eyes of the "white" man, and consider Afrikan Religion of their Ancestors, irrelevant, obsolete and backward to the religion of their White Masters they are programmed to hail and die for as better than, superior to and the only religion that can save them from sin and take them to heaven .

Some of them "Black" Christians in USA, like their "white" masters, went, go and will still go to Continental Afrika to "save" and "civilize" non-Christian Continental Afrikans they consider lost and without religion worth practicing or paying attention to ....

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