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Title: understanding walk
Post by: O.L.O.W. on January 21, 2013, 07:44:19 PM
Walk down the street in great pride.
Walk with grace in your stride.

The others will try to hurt and dehumanize you.
But you are better then them.

Take every spoken word and keep them for later.
Pray to Jah and listen to his words.
Wake up in the morning in your skin
You are black.
You are white.
You are an African.
You are an Asian.
You are a Rasta.

Hold your head high.
Listen not to Babylon.
And head our great Haile Selassie's words.
Fight them with peace and words of scripture.
Fight them with love and understanding.
Fight them because we are a chosen people.

Ras tafari is the future.
So pray to jah.
And let it be so.