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Title: Karnataka: 25,000 people roll over the spit of Bramins
Post by: Blue on April 05, 2014, 11:06:53 PM

"Social Welfare Minister A. Narayanaswamy, a Dalit, is furious at the practice. "It promotes untouchability. I don't care which caste rolls on the leftover spit of the Brahmins. Irrespective of whether Brahmins themselves do the rolling or it is the lower castes, the practice is disgusting and unscientific. I have sought a report on the matter, but I am clear on the issue. The social welfare department will formally write to the muzrai (temples and endowments) department, demanding a ban,'' he told India Today.

His senior colleague, V.S. Acharya, a Brahmin who hails from the Dakshina Kannada district, maintains that Madey Snana has been misrepresented as an inter-caste problem. Echoing the sentiments of several pro-Brahmin organisations and Sangh Parivar leaders, he says: "It is a religious practice that has gone on for centuries. It is the people's belief, nobody is forced to do this. Why should it be seen as anti-Dalit? Even Brahmins take a vow and roll on food, the government should not interfere in such things.''

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