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Title: The West's obsession with Modi's victory: Blinded By Ideology
Post by: Kairi on May 21, 2014, 12:32:45 AM
"A wise European policy to an emerging world power should not choose sides in such internal conflicts.  If the Indian citizenship elects Modi to power then we Europeans should respect that choice.  But we have failed to do just that.  Some governments have indirectly supported rivals of the BJP and have built a 'cordon sanitaire' around Modi.

From an Indian perspective, Europe's double standard must be bewildering:
India’s potential prime minister has been treated as an untouchable for years, whereas Obama who is respinsible for upholding the abominations of Guantanamo, drone attacks, secret torture centres and spying programmes - is received like a hero.  This policy is guided by an age old story that dismisses India as a backward and immoral culture."

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