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Author Topic: Vultures  (Read 4683 times)
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« on: February 05, 2004, 10:35:59 AM »

Ay yo we livin in a world run by despicable demons
And they been killin off my kinfolk since before I was semen
Some folks is dreamin
With a s***eatin grin beamin
Sayin 'thank you massa' after he give them a reamin
Yo I'm steamin, like a pot on the boil when I watch the
Murderous manouvers of the baldhead accoster
Invader like Darth
Who hate the people with swarthy skin
They locked us in, like sardines in a tin
Corralled, captured and kidnapped from the kingdom of Kush
Now they lock us in a dungeon just for burnin the bush
Well like pharoah
I guess they heart must be hardened
So many Black people getting beat up by the warden
And also yo no estoy olvidando
los puertoriquenos ni tampoco los mexicanos
We all in this s*** together
Rising up from underground and coming up from out the nether
Regions, in legions seething with fury rage and anger
But not with hatred cos you know we overstand the
Principle that love alone can conquer
You cannot raid the bunker
It's time to throw down the ankh-or
The life force that keeps me calm in the tempestuous
Depths of the ocean that swallowed some of the best of us
When they jumped off the ships into the sharks' mouth
Some got a blade and cut the pirates' hearts out
Cos there's no amistad with enemies
From Nat Turner to Sojourner, better check your pedigrees
They got your parents and seeds
Locked in penitentiaries
Send they scientists to Africa to inject disease
In us nigs
I guess to them we're just guinea pigs
But now we gotta rip they masks off and blow off they wigs
From off they bonnets
Check out the dope hip-hop sonnets
We blaze the chronics
And then the sonics soar like comets
High over the baldhead vulture that murder and insult ya
Wants you dead to pick at the bones of your culture
Like Bob said, you sing bout the oppression they put you through
They take the music then they steal it, sell it back to you
At vastly inflated prices, it's fishier than pisces
It's time we recognize who the lice is
That infest this god-blessed nest and sacred refuge
F*** the vultures that be eatin human refuse...

[May vultures gnaw your innards if you bite my lyrics, ya heard]
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« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2004, 10:42:03 AM »

I should add:
 The above lyrics are my verse from a song by the now sadly-defunct and never-recorded Portland, OR supergroup "Da Shacklesnappaz". The chorus was not written by me but by my boy Drew Mac, a lyrical genius if ever there was one... to put my verse in context I'm going to write down the chorus below, just bear in mind, as I said, Drew Mac gets the credit for it:
  Tryin to capitalize on our culture
   Before you know it they'll take your soul over
   With their mental remote-controller, thought I told ya
   It ain't nothin new
   S***'s been goin on long long before Elvis stole the blues...
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