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Author Topic: Seeking Rastafari  (Read 6206 times)
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« on: July 18, 2003, 09:27:02 PM »

Ignorance/arrogance pounds on my door
Begging to be let in
Peering through my peephole I see trickery, disguised misery
Seemingly attractive
Disguised under myriad applications of cosmetics
entering my space
through the cracks of corruption that still dot my existence
In the sanctity of my space I seek to erase all that is not
And be all that is

Dreams half forgotten, linger
Often disappearing and then flooding the dark recesses of my memory
Colliding into a kaleidoscope of color
Sparks dance, collide and glide on ancient memories
Glowing, growing into a blazing ball of fire
Raging in the pits of the cosmic consciousness
I and I manifest to cast the seeds of change into the bellowing wind
The seeds hit the rich fertile black earth
And explode into a fury of fire

Some run and scream,
some follow lingering dreams of an unfettered existence
Searching past the drab halls of everyday existence of self violence
Where whispered fears boom like atomic bombs,
Where shadows lurk with bloody knives ready
where speaking bones litter the path of the sleeping
where smiling faces deny the bitter taste of different races in different places
some try to forget yet
the pain remains in the brain like a stain on the carpet
some cry, some lie some die,
some live to give
some survive by a single strand of hope
the peeping among the sleeping recognize  the essence
making sense out of nonsense
remembering the sweet fragrance of bliss
that once flooded the nostrils of unlimited space in a faroff place
searching, probing the cosmos of self

I look up from my hypocrisy and glimpse her
I remember her, I know her
Truth....Queen of Queens
Goddess of Goddesses
exposing herself more and more
As I struggle upwards
I admire the beauty and sensuality of her nakedness
not confused by confusion, uncloaked from the layers of illusion,
I climb the rocky terrain and she comes down and meets me on the half
She laughs, I laugh
Universes unfold from the tip of her tongue
Looking, longing to become one

Oh how she moves
Graceful in motion
She flows like the river into the ocean
Oshun meets Yemoja
Truth flows like water
her words speak to the beat of truth
her dance is the eternal dance
Awaking me from the ignorant hell of my sleep
I shed the last pieces of my blinkers
I shed the clothes of my attachment to matter
Piece by piece
And it clatters to the floor and shatters
No longer matters
And there I stand, stripped....naked in my divine essence
The door is open
She beckons and I follow and enter her domain
No false pretences entwined in sweet flattery
Truth, pure and raw in its essence
In awe, equanimity soars thorough the seven floors of I
I burst thorough the confusion of illusion

I burst outside of myself
And I see myself
Eye meets I
Who am Eye
Eye am I

by Ras Tyehimba

Junior Member
Posts: 240

RastafariSpeaks .com

« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2003, 10:39:10 AM »



Give thanks Ras for Itinually bringing forth the SPIRIT of Mama Afrika.


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