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Author Topic: Brugmansia (angel's trumpet)  (Read 5755 times)
RasTalawa ben-Judah
Posts: 45

PeaceLoveInity, from the one true Jah

« on: July 17, 2003, 10:47:30 PM »

stop and listen a boy is cryin'
he just found out the world is lyin'
lookin' fe sometin' deeper
the price for love just got steeper
he lays down next to his guitar
closes his eyes, dreams afar

the place his spirit takes himin his sleep
is a huge difference, a giant leap
he sees a daddy he never knew before
all he has to do is reach a door
he looks down and life's a chasm
all his hopes, the canyon has 'em
he just wants to take the leap
to fly across, but its too steep
he starts and falls into the dark, he wakes up, there's his spark

The trumpet of the angel's is blowin
playin' through your dreams and showin'
just what you can be
the Truth will set you free

the boy paces round the table
doesn't know if he is able
to write the song he dreamed
its not as easy as it seemed

so he closes his eyes
lifts his head to the skys
floats up to join the band in his dream
the vision glows like a sunbeam
he strikes a chord without thinkin'
forgets the tea he was drinkin'
the words flow from his mouth like the winds of change
but the voice is different, if not strange
he sings about love and hate,
everything small and great
things he never thought he would know
can  you hear the trumpet blow?

the trumpet of the angels calls for you
you can be the voice of love, you know what to do
he closes his eyes once more
his body's lifted off the floor

Can you hear the angels callin'
can't you see the world has fallen
to the beast they all go crawlin'
don't stop to think, youre stallin'
just flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
you can live or you can cry
the choice is yours to make
what kind of jump will you take

a little girl lies down and sobs
looks at her scars, her head throbs
she trys to remember a happy place
but cant seem to reach out to his grace
how could JAH be a dad
when satans all she had
she crys so hard she falls asleep
I pray LORD Jah her soul to keep
floats into her dream
in a cloud of steam
she sees her daddy but somethin's not right
in HIS eyes a sort of light
but it is not her dad at all
just what she wished she saw
she jumps in Faith reaches to HIM
like flating toward an unbreakable whim
shes almost across the canyon when she looks below
she sees herlife, a feild of thistles she did naught to sow
she falls toward thim wonders how they came to grow
then she sees The One she jumped towards before
wondered whats in store
he holds her tight as the wings sprout from HIS spine
she is touched by his love, feels the divine
sudennly she understood
this is the Father that IS good

she wakes up with a violent start
but a new song within her heart
a warmth she never knew she could feel
she wondered if the Father in her vision was real
then she went and saw her dad
drunk and angry, sober, mad
but that warmth never went away
she found her True Father that day

The trumpet of the angels blows for the lost
offers true peace at no physical cost
you can still find it if you cant see
look with your heart and you will be free

RasTalawa of the Tribe Judah

May the Light of JAH shine through all who would seek HIM, for the Glory of HIS Kingdom, and may all men wish to seek HIM.

JahLight and Protection Idren
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