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Author Topic: THey  (Read 4209 times)
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« on: July 16, 2004, 02:57:04 PM »

Who are they?

They know that evil can fool if people are off guard against it.
They use that influence when they attempt to distort and discredit.
They will tell you these words are motivated by hate.
They know when they cannot deny the truth they must obfuscate.
They will tell you these words are racist and promote animosity.
They are afflicted with what is called PROJECTION in psychology.
They know that such is an unfounded judgment of others.
They know that it is true in their hearts and not these word my brothers.
They only see racism as hate or harboring negative racial emotions.
They cannot see the racism inherent in their rational notions.
They hate being called or seen as racists.
They refuse self-introspection out of fear that it exists.
They try to avoid the topic of race.
They know that the truth is something they fear to face.
They know the less they say the less truth can be uncovered
They use silence to keep what is hidden from being discovered.
They say that people who bring up race are playing an unfair card
They have no defense so they want the topic barred.
They say that the country should be colorblind.
They know that such preserves them in front and blacks behind.
They used color for centuries to gain their current advantage.
They fear color now because they must share the burden of damage.
They quote Kings dream of character over color.
They only say it to hide the wolf in sheep's cover.
They say that two wrongs don't make a right.
They must think that one wrong just might.
They want blacks to do as Jesus and forgive.
They refuse to do like Jesus by being willing to give.
They make sure that everything is to their primary benefit.
They make sure that when it's not to make such illigit.
They tell us to look forward and forget the past.
They continue to teach Western civilization to black kids in class.
They will not let you treat them in the way they treat you.
They want you to do as they say and not as they do.
They evaluate blacks from static snap shots.
They avoid the video of history that connects the cause and effect dots.
They are selectively smart and ignore that every cause has an effect.
They know that the continuum of time creates this connect.
They say 100 years ago is not related to today and object.
They deny the past creating the present as being correct.
They try to be clever and tell the story from the last page written.
They know to start from the beginning their lies will be smitten.
They like to focus only on the present and future.
They want to write off the liabilities from their culture.
They know that every action creates a reaction.
They deny the validity of black reparation.
They subdue the truth with power and conjecture.
They deny that their rhetoric is just a black inferiority lecture.
They like to distort the symptoms as being the cause.
They do so to make the root of our problem seem like our own flaws.
They say that blacks enslaved their own people.
They say that their acts were simply a sequel.
They cannot deny their wrongs so they attempt to have a point understood.
They try to convey that blacks have been just as bad but not just as good.
They are proud of their inventions and their high IQ.
They believe subconsciously that black mental inferiority is genetic and true.
They rationalize in a way that always leads to their superiority.
They do not say it out right but via implying black inferiority.
They like to admire and cheer our sporting prominence.
They do not feel threatened due to their belief of their overall dominance.
They use exceptions to the rule to prove our claims weak and wrong.
They ignore the general rule that makes our claims valid and strong.
They will say these words are absolute and ignore that many of them are descent.
They fail to realize that to not offset the bad is nearly as good as consent.
They like to tell you about their black friends out of a deceptive goal.
They want you to think that what is true of a part is true of the whole.
They think they have become more tolerant and not less.
They forget that the true test of character is not during comfort but stress.
They accept all the assets from the nations past that they did not create.
They refuse to accept some liabilities from the past and become irate.
They will accept the liabilities of many of our nations historical facts.
They just will not do so for the nations mistreatment of blacks.
They refuse to share any of the solutions sacrifice.
They are only willing to give some advice.
They say that blacks should work hard for a better life as they do.
They really want to say that blacks are lazy but fear breaking racial taboo.
They say that if you do not love the nation then you should leave.
They would rather get ride of blacks than to have true equality achieve.
They say that never owned or benefited from slaves.
They fail to note the nation was created by way of Native and African Graves.
They say that in this land blacks should be thankful to be.
They believe that slavery saved blacks from an African misery.
They forget that they were the tired, huddled masses yearning to be free.
They try to deny their fortunes changed for the better due to people who look like me.
They ignore that their ancestors sought escape from where everyone looked like them.
They still want to believe that the other races as causing most of the problem.
They promote the system because the system promotes them.
They know if the situation were reversed the system they would condemn.
They let the system promote some of our folks.
They use them to put down those whom the system chokes.
They know that divide and conquer has always been the best M.O.
They used it to pit the field against the house Negro.
They avoid any epiphany from the truth and put up resistance.
They should learn to recognize the signs of cognitive dissonance.
They know the bible says that first will be last and the last will be first
They are doing all they can to prevent going from having the best to the worst.
They know that what it takes to get is what it takes to keep
They fear that if they loose advantage...; what they have sown they shall surly reap.

BY your Brethren Noah The African
|    ("`-''-/").___..--''"`-._      
|    `6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)    
|    (_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'  
|    _..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
|    (((' (((-((('' ((((  

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