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Author Topic: IS BEING NEGATIVE REALLY BAD?  (Read 9942 times)
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« on: December 22, 2004, 04:54:39 PM »

if someone came up to me and said "House of Ra-sta, u are a Negative person", i would say thankhs.the reason for this is coz if one really knows about negative energy, the ONLY reason it was termed "bad" was coz ones tried to assign it to either Good or Bad, which to the western mind governed everytthing,this is a bad Mis-conception.to the Incients of the East like China,India, InI forefathers/Mothers lands and such, Positive and Negative energies were exactly how they acted and sometimes the roles of the energies reversed and were different.

In the Far East,in China, the Icept of the Yin and the Yang represented both Male(Positive) and Female(Negative)energies.the reason for this was because the Sun when one studies it brings to mind strength(not that wombman dont have any)and Giving power for its Rays illuminates the earth and gives life literally to everything in its path(under certain circumstances), sort of like when the Male wants to "become one"(if u know what i mean)with the wombman, he has to give the sperm or that ray of light(this is just how i see it).the MOON on the other hand, represents the wombman cause it is a reflector or receives that ray or the sperm.for instance, it is the sun's rays that reflects on the moon to give it that light in the night time, just like how the wombman recieves the sperm.give thankhs for the moon again also coz it is the GRAVITITATIONAL PULL of the moon that causes TIDES of the oceans.

BUT, if one knows about the Laws of NTR, one KNOWS that the earth has a POSITIVE magnetic field and our bodies mostly NEGATIVE, somehow, if one was to charge the energy inside them from the negative to the positive, LEVITATION is sure to occur(Like and ALIKE REPELS).Electrons in an Atom are known to be negative, but their are particles called POSITRONS that are POSITIVE electrons.as u can see,the roles are not always the same.its the WESTERN thought that coined positive and negative energies to good and bad-thus good male and bad female, what a "Negative" thing.Selam


Enter into this House,sons and dawtas of Ra-sta
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« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2004, 09:31:06 AM »

Greetings in the name of the Most High
    The negative powers that you speak of can have "positive" effects. This type of knowledge should be overstood for sure! There are negative forces that can only lead to destruction and unhappiness. If someone goes around all day fearing things other than Yahweh (sickness, death) and is filled with feelings of jealousy, hate, these are negative forces which lead to dead ends. Our minds have the power to manifest many things within our existance, and a mind which concentrates on certain negative forces become easily corrupt. No longer does it have the power to sence its individualized thoughts.
     The opposites that you were speaking of, the give and take of power, these are important forces of positive and negative. Without them the world would not exist. These positive and negative are the powers of Yahweh our most high creator but there are negative forces that do damage to our earth. Hate is a tool used by man against man and sometimes even Yahweh. Hate is not a tool used by our father. As long as you relize the differences between these negative forces (negative forces which can contribute to growth and negative forces which can lead only to destruction) you will be able to continue growth!

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