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Author Topic: DIVINE VIOLENCE  (Read 6728 times)
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« on: June 03, 2005, 07:22:52 PM »

Jah is not a pacifist. He is not scared of using violence. Violence as a tool in the hands of Jah, is a wonderful life-creating, new-beginning creating energy. He knows how to control and channel this creative energy into a positive force---as is evident in all of creations. In the hands of humanity however it has proven to be very destructive at most times. We still lack the wisdom to use this powerful force to create good outcomes, without leaving a destructive mess behind.

Now, does that means that violence is evil? No, not really. It's how it's directed and utilized that determines whether it would be deemed destructive, or creative. Because violence is always there in the universe. The universe itself was created as a result of violence.

First there was a silent state of matterless-nothingness, then all of a sudden, the Creator instigated a loud noisy violent explosion. This resulted in the formation of matter and hot gases. It was an act of violence. An assault on the silence and nothing-ness state before creation. But this violent act resulted in galaxies being formed. After further violent eruptions, solar systems, stars, and planets were also formed.

Violence is the pre-requisite for creation, and life---including our very existence, ultimately. From our very beginnings, we were fromed as a result of violence. Sex---forcefully thrusting into the flesh of another person, is violence. The act of colliding two separate entities, 'me' and 'you' into one amalgamated being, one flesh---for the process of fertilization to take place, is violence.

The division of cells, the force with which sperm is flushed into the uterus during orgasm, and the fusion of a sperm cell and an egg, is violence. The formation of the human embrayo in the womb is made possible by violence.
Our birth is also made possible by violence.

What about the violence with which blood is transported through our veins? Or how a tree forcefully draws water and organic nutrients from the earth, with it's roots, and then violently commute it upwards to the sterms, the branches, and it's leafs?

Germinating seeds spourt out of the ground by cracking the belly of earth open, violently. We wouldn't  be, and what we call 'life' wouldn't be either, without this form of violence---it's a life-creating energy, and always ushers in a new-beginning. Before the violence of WWW2, the only sole representative Afrika had internationally was HIM Haile Selassie---as the ruler of the only independent Afrikan state. The unintended consequences of that violence was the birth of new states over the globle.

In order for a new beginning to be possible, a violent purification of some sort has to be implemented. The hope is that it doesn't end up been a totally self-destructive one.

Peace N Love
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