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Author Topic: MONEY (Mammon) CONFESSES  (Read 5240 times)
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« on: June 03, 2005, 06:15:20 PM »

I was introduced to the world by ancient Babylon
Jah made man, man made me and made me his god
Man gave me the crown because.....he cannot serve Jah and me..
Mammon, my prefered name
'Cus it brings the devil in me out

I'm the root of all evil
I control the masses
And enslave populations
To my disciples, I'm more powerful than Jah
Even though I don't grow on tree, and aint even a living being;
I'm still the most loved one
Getting your hands on me, whether dirty or clean is the American Dream the world yearns for

When has a creature owned it's creator?
Why do you think that you can't live without me?
I'm only coins, papers, plastic and numbers on balance sheets..can't you see?
I don't really create nothing by my own accord
I'm only good for exchangement....
With heavy weaponary I'm often exchanged with
Causing death and destruction when disrespected
Is my way of controlling my eternal slaves

O man have you ever asked yaself
If you can wear me as clothes?
Can you crop me for food?
Do I send my rain unto fertile Earth?
Does my oxygen give life to Earth's creatures?
Do I shine my sunrays unto Earth, as daylight?
NO! Indeed I don't

Yet, 'cus the love I make to man
Is so intense, he never get enough of me
He lusts for me all night long
He is masturbating on me all night long
He works for me all his life and I control even his sub-conscious mind...
He won't marry without my approval
He is constantly insecure without me
He maims and kills for me when asked to
He steals to have me come to him
He prays for me and forsakes his family to get a chunky bite off my goodies
Ironically, I only add to his greed and sufferings

Now listen!
You can't buy life with me
'Cus I wiill do anything to be a living being like you, myself
You can't buy happiness with me
'Cus I'm never happy in the hands of anyone
You can't buy love with me
'Cus I'm faithful to nobody
You can't buy slavation with me either
'Cus I'm doomed to be destroyed eternally, one day
You can keep trying though, like you've been schooled to...
Got it?

Now listen!
'Cus I hate repeating myself
The truth is you are never gonna find peace
Until you take heed to this confession of mine
Got it?

For the man without sense
Who will blindly clinch unto me with his soul
He shall go in silence
Yet, violence and devastation shall be his lagacy on the poor
'Cus even if you go against the odds
And find some contendment with me
Even if you somehow get ya heartfill with me,
I say, even if you rule the whole world with me as ya legitimate mandate
You've already lost one O fool....
For ya soul, belongs to me, Mammon..and it's doomed

Peace N Love
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