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Author Topic: AFRIKANS and the Slaves Masters Children.  (Read 14420 times)
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« on: July 25, 2003, 10:26:51 AM »

Normally we learn from our History, experience and others. BLACK HISTORY shows colonization, slavery, Segregation in the west, Apartheid, and so on. We know the history of the Jews, the Palestinians, Iraq, etc. What do we Blacks need more to understand??

Louis Farrakhan said: "Murder and lying comes easy for white people" and "God does not want us black people mixing ourselves with the slave masters' children". I do not think the Most-I has anything to do with it but what I can say is that somebody does not wake up in the morning to say such a thing without any reason. I do not see the above statements as racially offensive or religion inclined, rather as a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. As concerned by Murder and Lying, I agree with him.

White people have genocidal behavior towards non-white people but they do not do so among themselves! Some of them are homosexuals, some change sex from men to women. Why should their problems be directed to black race? The Arab world knows those things very well and protects their women and children. Did we have the same alarming figure of AIDS carriers in Arab world, as is the case in among black people? That is one of the reasons why the West is in loggerheads with the Arabs. Everyone should keep their cultures and eventually accepting some of other peoples' cultures and refusing others. It should not give rise to attack or any sort of obligation as long as they do not interfere in other peoples' ways of life.

The creator of mankind made it possible to differentiate: people Black, white, Japanese, Arabs, Chinese, etc and their cultures. We do not need to ask their names or look to understand that they are different. When they see people different from them, it is matter of looking at them from their heads to their toes to observe only one-thing differences. Any serious white-black relationship such as having children or marriage should be stopped. EVERYBODY HAS TO STICK TO HIS OR HER OWN PEOPLE. Most of the black people who have tried such white-black relationships know all that is above, but some do not seem to share their experience with others to protect them from making the same mistakes. It is time to speak out. No more hidden things that could endanger the lives of others, especially Afrikans!
Such union is not working and black people and their children pay heavily for it. They become object of play by their shrewd agents. It is difficult to be racially abused outside, to come to your house to meet the same people that abuse you outside, thereby shortening your lifespan. And when the time for divorce comes, you will notice that they are not different from those outside that you do not know. IF ANYBODY THINKS THAT THEY CAN CHANGE OTHER PEOPLE'S WAY OF LIFE BY ATTACKING THEM, THEN THE RESULT COULD BE TO BREAK ANY POSSIBLE LINKS.

If after slavery, colonization, Apartheid, white people started to attack black people again, then it means that THEY WILL NEVER STOP AS LONG AS BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT STAND UP TO OPPOSE IT. Until a colorblind society really come about and the lifestyles and cultures of all people is respected what Afrikans need is to is liberate their minds and countries from foreign powers and intervention. This liberation is important because it is those foreign powers that exploit Afrikans. Presently these powers held us slaves for their own benefit. There will also be some brainwashed elements willing to destabilize Afrikans and the efforts of others. They should be ignored. We have to start something, a base on which future black generations will continue to move forward. That is how white people do! There has not been any strong accusation against Jews, Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Europeans, Arabs as "separatist and Racists" as has been slung at AFRIKAN NATIONALISTS. The protest is BRUTAL and INTENSE as those who protest are unwilling to give up their Masters privilege or their privileges slaves' status.  

Afrikans well being will be revealed as long as long Afrikans acquire AFROCENTRIC Education and reject the CULTURAL HEGEMONY or imposition of other ethnic group and Heritage over of their own.


We should first show solidarity with each other. We are Africans. We are black. Our first priority is ourselves.
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RastafariSpeaks .com

« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2003, 10:12:31 AM »

Very good wordsound!

Afrikans well being will be revealed as long as long Afrikans acquire AFROCENTRIC Education and reject the CULTURAL HEGEMONY or imposition of other ethnic group and Heritage over of their own.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We must learn to sight the Creator, Creation, each other and ourselves from "behind the spectacles of Ethiopia/Afrika".  As long as we continue to make the ENEMY our DIETY we will forever be ENSLAVED to foreign people with foreign ways, not to mention having forfeited our NATURAL SELVES for a most unatural behavioral system/mindset.

Until we cut the strings from "massa", we will continue to be its puppets.


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RastafariSpeaks .com

« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2003, 11:17:42 AM »

Why is it that the light huedman finds it easy to commit genocide upon other hue-mans? That has bothered I for a very long time.
Why use european invented terms such as race, is that not still supporting the fascist system set inplace designed to keep rule in the hands that control through divisionary tactics? Do you really believe we are created seperately and unequally. It was my overstanding that we are all children of the creator, if that is correct, than how is it that mankind was created to be differentiated, that sounds to me like the lies that are spread by the fascists that have "control" over the current shitstem in place(european rulers).

Black people pay heavily for the price of interacial relationships in america because america is STILL a fascist country, the leadership is Euro-centric and wants to preserve it to be that way, the powers that control the world economies are Euro-centricat that, that is why there is much pressure, but if it is not for people trying to make a difference as oipposed to isolationists, we will continue to remain lost in confusion of who we are as JAH children, the hueman race, not the caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid or the cosmetically invented cus they didnt fit into the European mans order of things, Australoid "race".
It is very depressing to see what the European man has done to the majority peoples of the world, we must all learn from that and educate others about the mistakes of the past. Should we not be concentrating on disrupting this shitstem that is currently in place. I refuse to believe that division is the answer, that is what created this mess we are in, it is the devils advocate division. I believe ther is hope, I refuse to be brought down by oppresion, what can I do though is what I find reasoning about, never will I support this established shitstem, that is where I started 20 years ago when they had their way with me in their "reformatories" there was no reforming, only bend to their submision. Than as now they dont care, only do they hear your voice when their pockets are getting bigger because of you. refuse and resist bring cleansing fire to the wiked mans ways let them see, feel the pain they created.

No disrespect meant in any shape or form, unconditional love to the highest, perfect love, one love

Give praises to the holy man of creation

Jah Rastafari, iternally livith.
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