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Author Topic: And I saw him close the book  (Read 5744 times)
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« on: August 16, 2006, 08:29:40 PM »

And I saw him close the book
Written By Kateb Nuri Shunnar

From afar I saw him riding down from heaven on his camel
As the winds ushered him in.
And as he rode to the temple he brought
The twenty three elders with him.
And from heaven I heard a cry of the army of
The Lord waling “Glory Be to the Most High”
And I saw the priest running from the temples to hide
In their man made caves, and they left
Behind the congregation of the nations, but
The winds from heaven had destroyed
Their entrance to their hiding spaces.
And then I saw the Lord
And the twenty three elders enter into the temple.
Then one elder spoke
“There is but one Wise and Almighty God
And He is standing before thee
So let every man bow for
Thine Lord is about to speak”
And I heard the Almighty say
“In my absences Satan has spread evil throughout the land and seas
And man kind have been the tools in which Satan has used to sew seeds of evil and decadence
Which turned man into man kind and then swine, But lo and behold I the Almighty
Have sent thousands of Messengers, Warner’s, Sages, Teachers, Prophets and Prophetess to every nation of every creed and color  to guide you on the straight path to righteousness, but you disregarded their message and trampled on it . You spoke evil towards the Warner’s and plotted their demise. You laugh at the Teacher and Sages and called them liars, witches and warlock you said they spoke blasphemy and they did not know of God. You killed the Prophets and Prophetess and many changed their teaching when they were gone ,and many worshiped the Prophets and Prophetess as if they were God. For thousand of years I sent signs to you all. I gave you revelation in thine Holy Books, but the Shepherds of today have leaded the sheep away into to the wilderness to die. It is the Shepherds who feed themselves and not thine flock they exalted themselves to holiness and called themselves angles and saints of God, and it is the Shepherds who nosh the wolves and the beast with my sheep, plus they turned their heads, and walked on by . So bringeth thou the priest and priestess who lied and deceiveth man.”

And when thy Lord was finished speaking four men with bronze feet and wooly hair liken unto the Lord Ran out of the temple riding on the winds searching for the shepherds who mislead the Lords sheep .
And as these men moved around on the winds I saw them level towns and mountains. I saw them uprooting trees using the waters of the ocean .
And as these four men roamed the nation on the winds .I saw from heaven wheels hovering on the winds . 
Five minutes had passed and the four men returned to the Lord and the Elders with the shepherds
Who feed the wolves with the Lord sheep ,and then a Elder spoke to the shepherds saying “ It is time for the shepherds to be released amongst the angry sheep for they are now the battered and weak for the angles of the Lord have removed their tongues, spines and teeth  .After the Elder spoke the Lord then stood and all of the Elders plus the angles bowed  before the LORD and chanted “GLORY ,GLORY BE TO GOD LORD OF LORDS KING OF KINGS” and as they chanted I heard the heavens ring with the sounds of trumpets and when the trumpets were done blowing the LORD said
“ O YE Babylon thou has sat thy self on the throne as if thou were the King ,and while you were on the throne you did evil and scornful things . Babylon O’ Babylon thou has enslaved a nation of people whom thou has stloeth, and you destroyed their minds.
O’ YE Babylon you deceived the nations of the world to lie in your bed while your demons started wars and raped the land poisoned the air and the seas. You’ve murder millions of all over the world because of your intense lust for power and greed. Babylon O’ Babylon you allowed every abomination in my eyes be lawful and you applauded it as mankind paraded across the land with your mark on their foreheads and hands.

O’ YE Babylon for your evils thy judgment has come
and all that you have done shall be no more .
O’ Ye sinful harlot
Thy stench stinketh the air so bad that it reached me up in heaven
Then the Lord said “O Ye children of Israel thou has been smitten by this harlot to her you prostate yourself at the knees. I have not forgotten the times she had you floating up rivers and hanging from trees I have not forgotten the beatings the slaughter the injustice.”   
Then the Lord said
“O Ye angels removeth the walls from the temple and go out and destroy this entire land leave not a rock unturned or a tree rooted. Broil the lakes, rivers, swamps, and oceans. Set asunder this Beast”
And after the Lord spoke his words I saw the Lord mount up on his camel
While the four angels of destruction surround thee and I saw the Lord elders
Head to the wheels in the sky
And from heaven the horns blew again and the four angles went out into the land riding on the winds.
And from afar I saw Babylon sending her giant birds of prey and beetles up into the skies
And on the land she gathered her armies on land and seas
To fight the Lord and she claimeth victory, and as Babylon laugh and boast about her power
She had forgotten that ten minutes had passed and the Lord had promised she would be destroyed in one hour.
I seen this with my eyes
I saw the wheels throw fire from the sky
I saw them killeth the birds and the beetles.
And I saw the first Angel riding the winds destroying the armies on land and sea
While the second Angel destroyed the whole land
And the third Angel took the righteous out of the land
And the last Angel went after the man of perdition and his sons
Riding on winds stronger then hurricanes.
And I saw the fourth angel get the family of perdition from of the throne and their inner circle and he gathered them.
And brought them to the Lord and the elders and the Lord spoke
“On this day the world has been shooked and on you I close the book.   
Let it be known that I God have destroyed the wicked nation
And now in the fire shall the family of perdition
And the land burn
For yet but a term.
And  them
I will maketh all things new
And the land shall be that of my people
And I will live with them and I shall be their God .”



The Sky is not the limits . You have to reach beyond
the stars

By Kateb Nuri Shunnar© 2003
Kateb Nuri Shunnar P.O Box 74133 New Orleans La 70174-1334
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