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Author Topic: We have no Time  (Read 5758 times)
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« on: August 20, 2006, 10:37:16 AM »

I  heard it said
that we have no such thing
as Time
That past
present and future
are descriptions made up
by human descriptions
that have little correspondence
with reality

I was told
that there is only Now
That I will not die
because I am already 'dead'
That I was not born
because the one who will
give birth to me
is  yet to be 'born'

as I speak
my great-grandmother
emerging from her mother
is giving birth to my grandmother
Who lies
as I speak
on her death-bed
having lived
a full life
while living out
her full life
And as I mourn
her death
she is welcoming me
the new child
into the world

As she welcomes me
into the world
she is being welcomed
into the world
she is being ushered
from the world
as I am

I saw then
why we require order

The true nature
of events and
is chaotic we require
order or else
how would we speak
on events and participants?
How could we make
sense if not
for this power to arrange
things in heirachies
of cause
of effect
location and period?

One who knew Ausar
gave this explanation
I will tell you
she said
the real nature of
what is called Time

Time is another name
for existence

When Heru triumphed
he opened a door
that led to direct communion
with the Infinite
Before that 'time'
that door opened
humans had needed
through which they could catch
a glimpse
of the Infinite
The triumph of Auset
abolished the need
for these practices
From then on
it was possible to commune
with the Infinite
no charges attached

Time/Space implies
that Time and Space
are one and the same thing
So I know that
to say  'Before'
is only a way of saying
"where I was"
while 'After' is itself
a way of saying
"where I will be"

The intellect knows
that space
can be specifically defined
by use of coordinates
The traveller
can physically locate
a place
by mapping a journey
to co-ordinates

The body whose selves know
space and time
as one thing
is the body that can
physically locate
a period in time
by mapping it's intentions
by mapping it's aspirations
it's mood
to those coordinates

The sacrifice of Auset
The struggle of Heru
The triumph of Ausar
Is not a tale
from the past
These things
will happen
These things
are happening
right now


If we can map
our intentions
our aspirations
to the right 'time'
we will also stand
before the Infinite
just as Ausar does
and will do

We can stand directly
before the Infinite
with no danger to ourselves

Converse with the Infinite
with no need
for intermediaries or shields

We can know the Infinite
without being consumed.
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