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Author Topic: web of deceit  (Read 6117 times)
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« on: February 17, 2007, 10:49:25 PM »

from columbus to hitler
 we see pattern that developed,
like the ghots of leopold the second
still roaming  around the afrikan shores

i seea web of deceit
they try totalk about the middle east,
when middle east neva exsited,
they try to talk about israel
when isarel nrva existed,

who call the name of this place
africa,after linus afrikanus,
from blood diamonds
money built with blood
the blood of the people.
who works in the mines,

it is web of deceit,
when the first cartographers
were arabs and europeans,
they bomb innocent villagers in somalia
in the name of war on terror,

the inavsion of iraq
justa false pretenses
to destroy another nation,
lies after lies,
the turner network
hollywood glorfying war
the aids virus and eboli
the gentrification of new orleans,

the making of genetetic engineering soya beans,
ceos from  big compnaies oiling the big war machines,
iran and north korea,
may be consedireda threat
when ira means aryAn nation
the war on drugs
another pretense
to criminilize black youth
homeland security is no security at all,
they will neva free mumia abul jamal,

i feel small stinch of rotten eggs in the air,
the intoxicating effect,
oppeinheimer was part of the manhattan project
karl marx wasa jew who belonged to the bavarian elite
when the same pople who control the financial instituions
controls the media and other outlets
the eb of deceit runs from the white house
all the weay to buckiham palace
to the british parliament,

so they can carry theiir plan of genocide
so they can carry their infanticide
doctors lie
and lawyers too,
judges as well,

the judges and the courts protects
cops and thugs and the mafia because they have money
they can buy judges and lawyers,
they can also set up prostitution rings and set brtherls,
the web of deceit  started
when they set the parliament
going back to the roman empire
under the false pretenses of democracy
when the word democracy mean
demona cracia
meaning the study of demons

when julius ceasae decided to invade afrika
the web of deceit started when all those king and queens who belonged
toa secret society
all going back to some free masonic order,
the web of deceit
started when the first european set foot
in africa,with priests working for the establishment,
when amerikan war planes flies secretly
and smuggle drugs into amerikkkas

when DEA agents brings coke and heroine
and res ell it
in the amerikkkan ghettoes,
when dick chney denied his involvement
 in afghanistan,
who wantsa pipe line all the way to kazakistan,

the web of deceit started when they cry abput the holocaust when
the chambers was built after hitler died,
when more people died duirng the trans atalntic slave trade
and duirng the indian ocean slave trade.

when jews also owned slaves,
just follow the web of deceit.

please feel free to add to this poem! Two Thumbs

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