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Author Topic: white rasta - give me weed!  (Read 5864 times)
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« on: February 27, 2008, 08:35:13 PM »

The writer is white. The writer has written this forum many times in the past and been advised and corrected a few times.  The writer's motivations in occasionally visiting and writing here are many fold.  Rastafarianism is an aspect of African Nationalism perhaps not needing confusion or arbitrariness resulting from some touchy feely white liberal guilt complex inclusion.  The stakes are very high indeed, the writer appreciates loud objection from some who have written about this that there is a genocide campaign going on and this is serious business.  A lot of white rastafarianism it is about smoking weed and getting away with it socially.

The writer is welcome among a very large number of ethnically and culturally diverse peoples around the world due to a sincere quest for learning while not imitating or patronizing friends and colleagues he has made in these places.  While in absentia from this forum for some time, the writer, as usual, has made many attempts to create a clear picture of what is at stake to other white people and aisans in influential and not so influential positions.  Good luck, most are swamped in their own ignorance and are oblivious to history and necessary , true, historical revision. So, again, some of the vociferous protests on previous posts to this white man coming to africa wanting to be a rastafarian there (puke) are right on point.  I don't think these posts are serious, probably something to f**** you up and make people mad.  And haven't we all had enough of that?

people can appreciate the culture by showing this kind of respect.  Here in Hawaii the situation is curious.  There are hardly any blacks other than in military uniform, but the place is alive with "rastafarianism" to the extent of white people completely altering their diction to imitate carribean dialiects with a mock intensity bordering on insult .  Some Hawaiians take part musically as part of a general trend in indegenous rights manifest in thier struggle, but do not try to mock Rastafarian appearance.

The DJ's here that play reggae are sometimes too much, tinny white voices trying to out do one another at sounding like a rastah!  I am sure they are good people, but....This is not, in the writer's view, showing respect for an at times desperate struggle for AFrican Nationalism . This is not thier dialect.  They blabl about Jah and such, one suspects they are speaking of their own religious underpinnings translated into Carribbean speak, sort of like Jesus hippies like weed, can I get some from you?.

There are lots of white gange dealers and weed smokers that merely want a ready excuse to have their herb as part of some religious ceremony and thus seek protection from the law, or justify it to their rich white parents.  .  How in the world are such opportunists to be taken seriously as part of a possibly violent struggle to liberation of black Africans?  Isn't it a little bit of hassle to wear the hair that way?  It's a statement, not a style, requiring some effort and probable discomfort.  Well, it does look good.

One suspects some of these mock adherants would not give the time of day or would run in fear of a black man or woman who did not look like a rastafarian,  say for instance, a black muslim or "street gang type", but will fawn all over a fellow "brother" rasta who might be a good connect for getting some weed. 

Who takes the risk?  The rich white "rasta" who wants to buy some weed , or the valiant black rasta farmer who may, in a weak moment, think about selling some to the grinning supplicant? Well, we've all gotta do what we gotta do to survive.....

The writer is sure there are cool , white people who dress and wear the hair the rastah way who are aware of the contradictions, but this is serious business you are about here.  Even this reasoning could be distracting or contradictory to your aims -

 you've had enough with stolen culture from what I've read and heard over these many years.  British judges wear their egyptian wigs bleached white as a symbol of authority.  Curiously, most of the white "rastahs" the writer has seen are white blondes!  Maybe a little shoe polish would make them more palatable, but I think not.  N8

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