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Author Topic: modern day rome  (Read 26722 times)
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« on: May 02, 2008, 05:50:54 PM »

AMERIKKKA is modern day rome,
where afrikans have become sheeps
taken to the slaughter house,
sucumbed by fear and terror,
 judicial system plagued by racism
 the stroke of pen,
will bring martial and fascism,
old feudal laws still in place,
 Sean bell got 50 bullets andf they all got acquitted
 why do we aquiesce in the face of adversity,
the death penalty is death killing machine,
the macabre sound and symphony of death,
judges that are not fit to to judge,
lawyers that are not fit
to to be bearers of the law,
because amerikkka is likea vampire
who drinks the blood of its victim
and leave the carcass to dry,

it is the collesuem
the collesuem of death,
where people live in police state
where the government  give the power
to the police,

we can march till we are blue in the face,
 it is the pathology of passivity,
we should have learnt from our past mistakes
that we havent yet overcome,

in this modern day rome,
where ancient roman laws still aplies,
amerikan kkkourts have become the killing fields
where unescrupulous lawyers,
 let murders and assassins walk free and
let innocent people die,
just because of the color of their skin,

judges exclude poetential jurors
based on their skin color,
where is freedom!?
we are not free in dome,

i wonder...
 when are we gonna wake up,
too many deaths,too much sufferings
in the hands of the wealth few,
who writes the laws of the land,
that does not apply to us,
never did and never will be,
in such conditions how can we possibly be free
only with the will of iron and steel,

load up our weapons
just like atlanta where the judge was shot dead
because we have become like cattles,
 there is alwaysa price on our heads

either kill or be killed,
survival of the fitest,
they will only learn
if the brothers or family members
of the victim,paida special visit
to the kkkops and each one of them
gota taste of their own medicine,
 if the judge walked out of that chamber
and  got sprayed.

amerikkka  constitution is farse
 witha stroke of pen,
they alter what they want to alter
and they change what they want to change
in the stroke of pen,
they can and will bring marshall law,
where police will kick in your door,

where they will arrest mostly the young,black
and poor,

on the final hour of the last hour
the state of union will be closed
where a totalitarian and fascist regime
will rule,

they will rule with iron fist,
it is the law of the outlaws,
mercenaries, who roams the globe
 in search of new victims,

tell me, where is justice
when amadou diallou got 41 bullets
in this day and age
every black/ afrikan person
from men to women and child
 should be armed

because in this modern day rome
our communities are under siege
 one thing i have found out thru out the years
 as much as people talk about human rights,
 in north amerikkka,if you are aboroginal, latino and mostly
afrikan, you are no human and you have  no rights.

my beloved, dont forget that,
 we live in modern day rome.
either we get free or dying trying.
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« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2008, 02:33:45 AM »

Greetings in the name of The Most High.
lovely words. Hit home right there

'Tis indeed a sad tragedy. The world over has become a Roman Empire
I'm in SA and it saddens me the black on black violence we are exposed to daily(sigh).
Our own sisters and brothers being proud of superficial highs
money, cars, girls (or men) not caring about the next person
what do we do, our people dont want to listen or learn from the Japanese and Chinese
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