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Author Topic: obama,the queen of england,the vatikkkan and the thirteen blood line  (Read 17678 times)
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« on: May 05, 2009, 07:48:31 PM »

Note: Just recently, Barack and Michelle Obama went to visit and submit to Queen of England. Remember, in 1871, U.S. Congress "Treasonously and Fraudulently" created a Corporation known as UNITED STATES Inc. OF AMERICA (which is incorporated and Chartered out of England).
The Original "De Jure (rightful)" United States Republic has been UNLAWFULLY And DIABOLICALLY supressed by International "Foreign" Interests (Bankers/Gankers and Banksters/Gangsters ).
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise !!!
* * * End of Note * * *
The UNITED STATES/SNAKES Inc. OF AMERIKKKA (By way of President/CEO Barack Obama) takes orders directly from the QUEEN OF ENGLAND (By way of Elizabeth II Also Known As "Defender of Faith" A.K.A "Queen of Britain" A.K.A. "The Crown" A.K.A. "Elector and Arch Treasurer of the Holy Roman Empire").
The QUEEN OF ENGLAND (By way of Elizabeth II Also Known As "Defender of Faith" A.K.A "Queen of Britain" A.K.A. "The Crown" A.K.A. "Elector and Arch Treasurer of the Holy Roman Empire") takes orders directly from the VATICAN (By way of Benedict XVI Also Known As "Vicar of Christ" A.K.A. "Pope" A.K.A. "Supreme Pontiff").
President Obama gives iPod to Queen of England
By Dan Moren - Wed Apr 1, 2009 6:11PM EDT (Yahoo Tech News)
It’s April Fool’s Day, and we certainly couldn’t blame you if you chose to disregard this story, but we have it from no less than the New York Times that Barack Obama, in his maiden overseas voyage as head of state, has given the Queen of England an iPod.
And not just any iPod, no siree. It’s an iPod loaded with pictures and video of Her Majesty’s 2007 visit to Virginia, where she went to historical sites such as Jamestown and Williamsburg, as well as the state capital of Richmond (seriously, though, would it kill her to get out of the thirteen colonies?). We don’t know precisely what kind of iPod the President gave her—we hope he sprung for a touch (laser-engraved, naturally); I’m sure the Queen has just been itching to get at the App Store.
The Queen, by most reports, was currently rocking a circa 2005 6GB silver iPod mini, so I’m sure she’ll be glad for the upgrade. In addition, Obama gave her a rare songbook signed by Richard Rodgers; the Queen, in return, gave him a signed, silver-framed photograph of her and the Duke of Edinburgh, the same gift she reputedly gives all her other important visitors—we hear that Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin does the exact same thing.
VICARIUS FILII DEI – “Vicar of Son of God” (Title of the Pope)


V-5                    F-0               D-500

I-1                      I-1                E-0

C-100                 L-50             I-1

A-0                     I-1                501

R-0                     I-1

I-1                      53

U or V-5




112 plus(+) 53 plus(+) 501 equals(=) “666“


The Pope is known to previously have used and displayed these exact words on his ill-gotten crown. He then rapidly removed these words when the people caught on to the hidden symbolic meaning of the words.





- Vatican of Rome, Italy

- Jesuits

- Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, International Bankers (The

  Financial/Banking Arm of the Vatican), The Mafia (The Criminal Arm of the

  Vatican), The Club of Rome, The Opus Dei, The Masons, New Age




 Food For Thought:


1. “The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe. The Pope, as the visible ruler of this immense amassment of wealth, is consequently the richest individual in the twentieth century. No one can realistically assess how much he is worth in terms of billions of dollars.”

(“The Vatican Billions” by Avro Manhattan)


2. The POPE can abolish any law in the United States. (Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol.1 53-54) 25. A 1040 form is for tribute paid to Britain. (IRS Publication 6209); see also Public Law 88-243 and 88-244 (December 1963).


3. The POPE claims to own the entire planet through the laws of conquest and discovery. (Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493). With these same “Wicked” Papal Bulls, the POPE has ordered the inhumane genocide and enslavement of millions of people.


4. The Pope’s laws are obligatory on everyone. (Bened. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix., c. vii., n. 4. Prati, 1844)(Syllabus, prop 28, 29, 44). The POPE has delusionally declared that he is the “Vicar of Christ” on this Natural Earth.


5. The POPE’s recent visit to the White House signified the re-newing of Bush’s faith to Catholic and the loyal allegiance and supportive alignment with and to the Vatican and the “New World Order” Agenda.


6. The present 2008-2009 so-called Financial Crisis (which will lead to a calculated Recession/Depressio n) is also a fabricated lie and untruth. This Economic Meltdown has been cleverly orchestrated and strategically manipulated by the International Bankers of this World. The rich is about to get richer, the middle class is on their way to becoming poor, and the poor is on their way to being turned into Green Eggs and Ham (Soilent Green).

“Economic Crisis have been produced by us for the goyim (slaves/animals) by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation.” – Protocols of Zion –20


7. On December 23, 1913-The U.S. Congress, late at night with only a small cadre of supporters present, passed the “Un-Constitutional” Federal Reserve Act, surrendering the creation and management of the nation’s currency into the hands of a cartel of a private group of mostly foreign “International” Bankers. It only took 20 years to bankrupt the nation and the people of The United States. In the year 1933, the United States went into a public debt insolvency – better known as Bankruptcy.


8. The Federal Reserve is not Federal. They are no more FEDERAL than Federal Express Inc. On May 23, 1933, U.S. Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought formal charges against the board of governors of the Federal Reserve Banking System, The Comptroller of the currency and the Secretary of the United States for acts of Conspiracy, Fraud, Unlawful Conversion, and Treason along with articles of impeachment being referred to the judiciary committee. The Federal Reserve was allowed in on the American People by a U.S. Senator named Nelson Aldrich who was supposedly bribed to make it all happen. This Traitorous/Treasono us “U.S. Senator” is said to have been a “Rothschild” Agent.


9. The bulk of ownership of the Federal Reserve System is held by certain International Banking Interests. The names of these International Banking Interests are:













10. The family name Rothschild is adopted from two (2) German words “ROTH” and “SCHILD” which means “RED SHIELD”. Amschel Mayer Bauer Sr. was a Zionist Goldsmith. Over the door of his shop in Germany, he placed as his shop sign of business a RED SHIELD. The Zionists in Eastern Europe, who belonged to the revolutionary movement based on terrorism, had also adopted the Red Flag as their emblem because it represents “Red Blood”. Mayer Rothschild’s real name is Amschel Mayer Bauer, Jr. but later adopted the name “ROTHSCHILD”.


11. In the approximate year of 1770, a syndicate of International Bankers led by Mayer Rothschild started the “Illuminati”, a SATANIC Cult designed to subvert society. According to Edith Starr Miller, the Rothschild syndicate included so-called Jewish/Zionist finaciers such as Daniel Itzig, Friedlander, the Goldsmids and Moses Mocatta (Search and Reference a book entitled “Occult Theocracy” p. 184). According to Miller, the goals of the Illuminati (Communism and the New World Order) were the destruction of Christianity, Monarchies, Nation-States, the abolition of family ties and marriage by means of promoting homosexuality and promiscuity; the end of inheritance and private property; and the suppression of any collective identity in the spurious name of “Universal Human Brotherhood” (for example: “Diversity”) - p. 185 of the same book “Occult Theocracy”.



The “Christian” BLACK Codes of 1724 (By the Roman Catholics)

Article 1

Decrees the expulsion of the Jews from the colony.

Article 2

Make it imperative on masters to impart religious instruction to their slaves.

Article 3

Permits the exercise of the Roman Catholics creed only, Every other mode of worship is prohibited.

Article 4

Negroes placed under the direction or supervision of any other person than a Catholic, are liable to confiscation.

Article 5

SUNDAYS and HOLY-DAYS (HOLIDAYS) are to be strictly observed. All Negroes found at work on these days “are to be confiscated”.

Article 6

We forbid our “White” Subjects (of both sexes) to marry with “The BLACKS” under penalty of being fined and subjected to some other arbitrary punishment. We forbid all curates, priests, or missionaries of our secular or regular clergy, and even our chaplains in our Navy, to section (sanction) such marriages. We also forbid all of our “White” Subjects (and even the manumitted or free-born “Blacks”) to live in a state of concubinage with slaves. Should there be any issue from this kind of intercourse, it is our will that the person so offending, and the master of the Slave should pay each a fine of three hundred livres. Should said issue be the result of concubinage of the master his slave, said master shall not only pay the fine, but be deprived of the slave and of the children, who shall be adjudged to the hospital of the locality, and said slave shall be forever incapable of being set free. But shall this illicit intercourse have existed between a free Black and his slave, when said slave according to the forms described by the church, said slave shall become free and legitimate; and in such case there shall be no application of the penalties mentioned in the present article.

Article 7

The ceremonies and forms prescribed by the ordinance of blois and by the edict of 1691, for marriage, shall be observed both with regard to free persons and slaves. But the consent of the father and mother of the slave is not necessary; that of the master shall be the only one required.

Article 8

We forbid all curates to process to effect marriages between slaves without the proof of the consent of their master; and we also forbid all masters to force their slaves into marriages against their wills.

Article 9

Children, issued from the marriage of slaves shall follow the condition of their parents, and shall belong to the master of the wife and not of the husband, if the husband and the wife have different masters.

Article 10

If the husband be a slave, and the wife a free woman, it is our will that their children, of whatever sex they be, shall share the condition of their mother, and be as free as she, notwithstanding the servitude of their father; and if the father be free and the mother a slave, then the children shall be slaves.

Article 11

Masters shall have their “CHRISTIAN Slaves” buried in consecrated ground.

Article 12

We forbid slaves to carry offensive weapons or heavy sticks under the penalty of being whipped, and of having said weapons confiscated for the benefit of the person seizing the same. An exception is made in favor of those slaves who are hunting or are shooting for their masters, and who carry with them a written permission to that effect, or are bring designated by some known mark or badge.

Article 13

We forbid slaves belonging to different masters to gather in crowds either by day or by night, under the pretext of a wedding, or for any other cause, either at the dwelling or on the grounds of one of their masters or elsewhere, and less on the highways or in secluded places, under the penalty of corporal punishment, which shall not be less than the whip. In case of frequent offenses of the kind, the offenders shall be branded with the mark of the Flower de Luce, and should there be aggravating circumstances, capital punishment may be applied, at the discretions of the judges. We command all of our subject, be they officials or not, to seize offenders, to arrest and conduct them to prison, although there should be not judgment against them.

Article 14

Masters who shall be convicted of having permitted or tolerated such gatherings as aforesaid, composed of other slaves than their own, shall be sentenced individually, to indemnify their neighbors for the damages occasioned by said gatherings, and to pay, for the first time, a fine of thirty livres, and double that sum on the repetitions of the offense.

Article 15

We forbid Negroes to sell any commodities, provisions, or produce of any kind, without the written permission of their masters, or without wearing their known marks or badges, and any persons purchasing any thing from Negroes in violation of this article, shall be sentenced to pay a fine of 1500 livres.

Articles 16, 17, 18, and 19

Provide at length for the clothing of slaves and for their subsistence.

Article 20

Slaves (who shall not be properly fed, clad, and provided for by their masters) may give information thereof to the Attorney-General of the Superior Council, or to all the officers of an inferior jurisdiction, and may put the written exposition of their wrongs into the hands; upon which information, and even ex-officio, shall the information come from another quarter, the Attorney-General shall prosecute said masters without charging any cost to the complainant. It is our will that this regulation be observed in all accusations for crimes or barbarous and inhumane treatment brought by slaves against their masters.

Article 21

Slaves who are disabled from working, either by old age, disease or otherwise, be the diseases incurable or nor, shall be fed and provided for by their masters; and in case they should have been abandoned by said masters, said slave shall be adjudged to the nearest hospital, to which said master shall be obliged to pay eight (Cool cents a day for the food, and maintenance of each one of these slaves; and for the payment of this sum, said hospital shall have a lien on the plantation masters.

Article 22

We declare that slaves have no right to any kind of property but that all that they acquire either by their own industry, or by the ability of others, or by any other means or title whatever shall be the full property of their masters; and the children of said slaves, their fathers, mothers, their kindred or other relation either free or slave shall have no pretensions or claim thereto, either through testamentary nor positions or donations inter vivace; which dispositions and donations we declare null and void, and also whatever promise they may have interred into by persons incapable of disposing of anything and or participating to any contract.

Article 23

Masters shall be responsible for what their slaves have done by their command, and also for what transactions they have permitted their slaves to do in their shops, in the particular line of commerce with whom they were entrusted; and in case said slaves should have acted without order or authorization of their masters, said masters shall be responsible only for so much as has turned to their profit; and if said masters have not profited by the dining or transaction of their slaves, the per curium which the masters have permitted the slave to own, shall be subjected to all claims against said slaves, after deduction made by the masters of what may be due to them; and if said per curium should consist in whole or in part of merchandises in which the slaves had permission to traffic, the masters shall only come in for their share in common with the other creditors.

Article 24

Slaves shall be incapable of all public functions, and of being constituted agents for any other person than their own masters, with powers to manage or conduct any kind of trade; nor can they serve as arbitrators or experts; nor shall they be called to give their testimony either in civil or in criminal cases, except when it shall be a matter of necessity, and only in default of “White” People; but in no case shall they be permitted to serve as witness either for or against their masters.

Article 25

Slaves shall never be parties to civil suits, either as plaintiffs or defendants, nor shall they be allowed to appear as complainants in criminal cases, but their masters shall have the right to act for them in civil matters, and in criminal ones, to demand punishment and reparation for such outrages and excesses as their slaves may have suffered from.

Article 26

Slaves may be prosecuted criminally, without their masters being made parties to the trial, except they should be indicted as accomplices; and said slaves shall be tried, at first, by the judges of ordinary jurisdiction, if there be any, and on appeal, by the Superior Council, with the same rules, formalities, and proceedings observed for free persons, save the exceptions mentioned hereafter.


Articles 27 to 32 were not immediately available

Article 33

Slaves who shall have made themselves liable to the penalty of the whip, the flower de luce brand, and ear cutting, shall be tried in the last resort, by the ordinary judges of the inferior court, and shall undergo the sentenced passed upon them without there being an appeal to the Superior Council, in confirmation or reversal of judgment, notwithstanding the article 26th of the present code, which shall be applicable only to those judgments in which the slave is sentenced to be hamstrung or to suffer death.

Article 34

Freed or born-free negros, who shall have afforded refuge in their houses to fugitive slaves, shall be sentenced to pay to the masters of said slaves, the sum of thirty (30) livres a day for every day during which they shall have concealed said fugitives; and all other free persons, guilty of the same offense, shall pay a fine of ten livres a day as aforesaid; and should the freed or freed-born Negroes not be able to pay the fines herein specified, they shall be reduced to the condition of slaves, and be sold as such. Should the price of the sale exceed the sum mentioned in the judgment, the surplus shall be delivered to the hospital.

Article 35

We permit our subjects in this colony, who may have slaves concealed in any place whatever, to have them sought after by such persons and in such way as they deem proper, so to proceed themselves to such researches as they may think best.

Article 36

The slave who is sentenced to suffer death on the denunciation of his master, shall, when that master is not an accomplice to the crime, be appraised before his execution by two of the principal inhabitants of the locality, who shall be especially appointed by the judge, and the amount of said appraisement shall be paid to the master. To raise this sum, and shall be collected by the persons invested with what authority.

Article 37

We forbid all the officers of the Superior Council, and all our other officers of the justice in the colony to take any fees or receive any prerequisites in criminal suits against slaves, under the penalty, in so doing of, being dealt with as guilty of extortion.

Article 38

We also forbid all of our subjects in this colony, whatever their condition or rank may be, to apply, on their own private authority, the rack to their slaves, under any pretenses whatever, and to mutilate said slaves in any one of their limbs, or in any part of their bodies, under the penalty of confiscation of said slave; and masters, so offending, shall be liable to a criminal it, to put their slaves in irons and to have them whipped with rods or ropes.

Article 39

We command our officers of justices in this colony to institute criminal process against masters and overseers who shall killed or mutilated their slaves, when in their power and under their supervision, and to punish said murder according to the atrocity of the circumstances; and in case the offenses shall be a pardonable one, we permit them to pardon said master and overseer without being necessary to obtain from us letters patent of pardon.

Article 40

Slaves shall be held in law as movables, and as such, they shall be part of the community of acquests between husband and wife; they shall be seized under mortgage whatever; and they shall be equally divided among the co-heirs without admitting from any one of said heirs any claim founded on preciput or right of primogeniture, or dowry.


Articles 41 and 42 are entirely relative to judicial forms and proceedings.

Article 43

Husbands and wives shall not be seized and sold separately when belonging to the same master, and their children, whom under fourteen years of age, shall not be separated from their parents and such seizures and sales shall be null and void. The present article shall apply to voluntary salws, and in such cse sales should take place in violation of the law, the seller shall be deprived of the slave he has illegally retained and said slave shall be adjudged to the purchased without any additional.

Article 44

Slaves fourteen (14) years old, and from this age up to sixty (60), who are settled on lands and plantations, and are at present working on them, shall not be liable to seizure for debt, except for what may be due out of the purchase money agreed to be paid for them unless said grounds or plantations should be distressed, and seized and judicial sale of a real estate, without including the slaves of the aforesaid age who are part of said estate, shall be deemed null and void.


Article 45, 46, 47, 48, and 49 are relative to certain formalities to be observed in judicial proceedings

Article 50

Masters, when twenty-five (25) years old; shall have the power to manumit their slaves, either by testamentary dispositions, or by acts inter vivace, but as there may be mercenary masters disposed to set a price on the liberation of their slaves; and thereas slaves with a view to acquire the necessary means to purchase their freedom, may be tempted to commit theft or deeds of plunder, no mitter to set free his slaves, without the obtaining from the Superior Council a decree of permission to that effect; which permission shall be granted without costs when the motive for the setting free of said slaves as specified in the petition of the master, shall, appear legitimate to the tribunal. All future acts for the emancipation of the slaves freed shall not be entitled to their freedom; they shall be taken away from their former masters, and confiscated for the benefit of the India Company.

Article 51

However, should slaves be appointed by their masters tutors to their children, said slaves shall be held and regarded as being set free to all intent and purposes.

Article 52

We declare that the acts for the enfranchisement of slaves, passed according to the forms above described, shall be equivalent to an act of naturalization, when said slaves are not born in our colony of Louisiana, and they shall enjoy all the rights and privileges inherent to our subjects born in our kingdoms, or any land or colony under our dominion. We declare, however, that all manumitted slaves, and all free-born Negroes are incapable of receiving donations, either by testamentary dispositions or by acts inter vivos from the “Whites”. Said donations shall be null and void, and the objects of said donations shall be applied to the benefits of the nearest hosptal.

Article 53

We commend all manumitted slaves to show the profoundest respect to their former masters, to their widows and children, and any injury or insult offered by said manumitted slaves to their formar masters, their widows or children, shall be punished with more severity than if it had been offered to any other person. We, however declared them exempt from the discharge of all duties or sevices, and from payment of all taxes or fees, or any thing else in relation to their persons, or to their personal or real estate, either during the life or after the death of said slave.

Article 54

We grant manumitted slaves the same rights, privileges, and immunities which are enjoyed by free born persons. It is our pleasure that their merit in having acquired their freedom, shall produce in their favor not only with regards to their persons, but also to their property, the same effects which our other subjects derive from the happy circumstances of their having been born free.


                                             In the name of the King


Fazende, Brusle, Perry                                                   Bienville, De la Graise


                                                     March, 1724





                                      Correlation of Church and State Operations


 It becomes undeniably apparent that the “Inquisition” against the MOORS And JEWS (by the Filthy-Diseased “Perverted” Roman Catholic Church) is the foundation for modern Wardship and Slavery. The famous psychological war letter and social engineering program initiated by Kracker-Ass William “Willie” Lynch on plantations in the West Indies and later adopted in Jamestown, Virginia in 1712, was apparently inspired by the Roman Catholic Church Inquisition. The Christian Black Codes of 1724 and the present day Church, State, City, and Municipal Civic Ordinances, Policies and Programs are definitely related, organized, and correlated.


When one discovers or uncovers the root to a problem or system, one then has some available knowledge for applying tools of remedy. Exposing the fact that Colonial RACIST States are operating by the Black Codes, allows insight for beginning a process for making solutions and corrections. Intelligent resolutions to the many spiritual, social, and economic problems became obvious. Use them! Reject and render to the “Pale-Face” Romans their false claims of sovereignty over yourself, your people, and your lands. Go back to the principles of your ANCIENT Mothers and Fathers. Reclaim your Birthrights.


                 The Christian Black Codes of 1724 and the Motives of the States


Generation after generation, people bearing the political caste word labels of “Black”, “Negro”, “Colored”, “Indian”, “West Indian”, “Puerto Rican”, “Hispanic”, “Latino”, etc., spent futile efforts, time, life, and finance trying to solve the “appearing to be real” PREJUDICE AND RACE PROBLEMS in the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa (Colony/States of the RACIST Union). “Black”, “Negro”, “Colored”, “Indian”, “West Indian”, “Puerto Rican”, “Hispanic”, “Latino” and other displaced peoples are not and can never be citizens of the Union of States/Snakes and are never to be viewed as such, by Union Law. Such unlawfully named peoples are non-mutually governed by the States/Snakes laws of commerce, and are regulated as State Property and Colonial Assets.


The highly promoted prejudice and race problems in the UNITED SNAKES of AmeriKKKa are actually tools of Social Engineering. The States/Snakes strategically ordain and place Ass-Kissing/ Sell-Out “Colored Black Negro” Agents  in controlled NEGRO Organizations in order to give the race and prejudice argument credibility. These pathetic niggas are used to actually cover up the Black Codes. They are also used to cover up various legislative Negro Acts and other rules and regulations which are integrated into all “Corporate” State Law and their “Corporate” Court Systems.


The BLACK CODES are diabolically used to control the defeated Moors, mainly through the STATES enforced rules and regulations, feigned as law. Keep in mind that all of the “Corporate” States use Color of Law (as they are “RACIST Colonists” and “PALE-FACE Foreigners”). Years of European occupation in the AL Morocs (now known as the “Americas”) cannot change that fact. Color of Law is not TRUE or REAL Law. The “Corporate” Union of States/Snakes and their sub-agencies always use Black Code rules, regulations, and policies to effectively maintain hidden slavery.


The hidden motive and operations of the Colonial Union States/Snakes is to steal the land, enslave the Hue-People, steal their birthrights (heritage/Sovereign ty) and to force the people into volatile and one-sided agreements (also known as Adhesion Con-tracts) that aid in their own enslavement through coerced consent, licenses, taxes, permits and permit taxes, property taxes, etc. The economies of the Indigenous Moors are further subverted by forced, non-representative State Taxation, regulations, ordinances, and State sponsored “Religious” Dogma Beliefs. The following are some of the targeted areas, actions and systems used for perpetual Chattel Slavery and Ward Control:


1. Tuskegee Germ Warfare Experiment


2. U.S. Congressional House Bill 15090 (Appropiations and Funding for the development of the A.I.D.S. Virus)


3. The “Controlled Demolition” World Trade Center/9-11 BOGUS Attacks


4. The intentional Breaching of the New Orleans Levees (in order to flood the ORIGINAL Land Geographical Areas of Native Birthrights and Aboriginal Title Ownership)


5. The Criminal Theft and the “Blackout” of American Votes (between 2000 and 2004) in order to successfully implement the NAZI/KKK Fourth Reich


And the list goes on and on . . .


The Colonization of the so-called “NEW WORLD” results in Blatant Racism and Massive Hue-man/Human Rights Violations


Historians and academics agree that the colonization of the New World saw extreme expressions of racism - massacres, forced-march relocations, the "Indian wars", death by starvation and disease.

Today, such practices would be called ethnic cleansing and genocide.

What seems even more appalling for contemporary minds is that the subjugation of the native peoples of the New World was legally sanctioned. "Laws" of "discovery", "conquest" and "terra nullius" made up the "doctrines of dispossession", according to Erica Irene Daes, chairperson/ rapporteur of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations, in a study on indigenous peoples and their relationship to land.

Specifically, in the fifteenth century, two Papal Bulls set the stage for European domination of the New World and Africa.
Romanus Pontifex, issued by Pope Nicholas V to King Alfonso V of Portugal in 1452, declared war against all non-Christians throughout the world, and specifically sanctioned and promoted the conquest, colonization, and exploitation of non-Christian nations and their territories.
Inter Caetera, issued by Pope Alexander VI in 1493 to the King and Queen of Spain following the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the island he called Hispaniola, officially established Christian dominion over the New World. It called for the subjugation of the native hue-people inhabitants and their territories, and divided all newly discovered or yet-to-be discovered lands into two - giving Spain rights of conquest and dominion over one side of the globe and Portugal over the other.

The subsequent Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) re-divided the globe with the result that most Brazilians today speak Portuguese rather than Spanish, as in the rest of Latin America.

The Papal Bulls have never been revoked, although indigenous representatives have asked the Vatican to consider doing so.

These "doctrines of discovery" provided the basis for both the "law of nations" and subsequent international law. Thus, they allowed Christian nations to claim "unoccupied lands" (terra nullius), or lands belonging to "heathens" or "pagans".

In many parts of the world, these concepts later gave rise to the situation of many Native peoples in the today - dependent nations or wards of the State, whose ownership of their land could be revoked - or "extinguished" -- at any time by the Government.

Indigenous leaders today contend that it is essentially discriminatory that native title does not confer the same privileges as ordinary title

. According to Mick Dodson, an Australian Aboriginal lawyer, the concept of extinguishment "treats indigenous rights and interests in land as inferior to all other titles". According to indigenous law and custom, indigenous interests can only hold native title, and, according to the law put into place since then by the European immigrants, native title can be extinguished.

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The Illuminati may be in control here on Earth, but they are mere pawns in the game for the Luciferians.
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