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Author Topic: Obsessing on the oxymoron of "white rasta"  (Read 13321 times)
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« on: November 06, 2009, 06:25:23 PM »

To establish the Energy of Ras Teferi as it emerged with the First Morning of Time, we find no need to give labels of white/black to simply what is. Ras Teferi is creation in constant motion. Ras Teferi is the Sun, Moon and Stars..to be cont'd.
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« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2009, 11:49:15 AM »

....Ras Teferi is Enlightenment which comes into a room of darkness, not in increments but in Oneness with the All, the Essence of all things created within the Iniverse.
As the argument rages over who can be Rasta and who cannot be Rasta, Ras Teferi still is. Four million years ago you were Ras Teferi, in this moment you are Ras Teferi. Now when we stand in relative reality we speak of the atrocities committed upon our race by those of another race who seeks an invitation into Rasta. It makes us angry and we want to give so many reasons why they cannot enter. But we must innerstand that we do not possess the keys to their redemption, we cannot lead them into the path of righteousness for anyone's namesake. That is their responsibility. The argument ends there.

Ras Teferi is observant and triumphant over ignorance, the Light Rays that guides us into the Ivine Laws of Maat. We must know them and Live them to the fullest. Ras Teferi is the Djed, the establishment of Ivine Leadership within I'n'I self and among I'n'I. Ras Teferi is Transition, that is consolidating the Lower Material Self with the Higher Spiritual Self, creating the Balance needed to actualize Right Action of Peace, Love and Inity

Again Ras Teferi is the Sun, Moon and Stars the Root of our Celestial origins. We came during the time when the Gods and Goddesses ruled supreme with the Supreme knowledge of Oneness, Peace, Love and Inity.

Haile Selassie I = An Ethiopian institution(relative reality)
Ras Teferi        = Creation(absolute reality)
Haile Selassie I = Limitations(relative reality)
Ras Teferi        = Expansion, Transformation(absolute reality)

The argument is done, the reasoning has begun, white Rasta is the oxymoron, the distraction from the New Creation.
The argument is done. Access Black Genius and make the uncommon connections.

Haile Selassie I is institutinal
Ras Teferi is universal
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« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2010, 09:41:53 AM »

it's sad the way discourse surrounding colour impedes positive reasoning.
i guess this is to be expected when reasoning goes in the 'racial' direction.
nevertheless, black people should not be ashamed to be proud of being
black or calling themselves black. black people should also not hesitate
to reason about what needs to be done to liberate Africa and her children
where ever they may be throughout the globe.

this still does not change the reality that JAH is the ruler of all creation,
and does not delight in war and confusion.

every knee shall bow, and every tongue will acknowledge that He is the
King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
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« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2010, 12:25:48 AM »

I need clarification here; how is the term "oxymoron" applicable to the term "white Rasta?" so am i to overstand that "white" skin is antithetical to the Teachings of Haile Selassie I? white racists will tell you that "Black man" is an oxymoron as well.
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« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2010, 11:55:08 AM »

"white rasta" is and always will be an oxymoron period!!! An oxymoron until you manage to acknowledge the foundations of The Rastafari Movement. I won't go into much of an explanation about this to any uropean whom are overstuffed with privilege and entitlement to this BLACK REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT. I don't care what white supremacist thinks of the Black man or woman but when it comes to the Rastafari Movement, we the Black peoples of the world needs no reminders of what His Majesty teaches. It is I'n'I who told the world to "give us the teachings of His Majesty, we no want no devil philosophy". SO, again we don't need to be reminded of what HIM teaches. It is through HIS redemptive presence why we as a people have arrived at this place where we are today. FREE of the yolk of white oppression, FREE to think and make the necessary connections to our past prior to the enslavement of our forebears, FREE to decide the colour of our Diety, our King, our Prophet and our Movement without being bamboozled by urochristinsanity! FREE TO TELL YOU ALL TO GO TO HELL!!!

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of you people jumping in this redemption and try to tell us how to do this. Our people are in dire need of healing, a healing that is best left for us to do without this oxymoronic interference and arguing. Again I state this with no apology! Rastafari is a BLACK REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT WITH ITS SPIRITUAL LEADER BEING QEDEMAWI EMPEROR HAILE SELASSIE AND NOT BE CONFUSED WITH ANY GEESAS CHRISE BUSINESS. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY WE NEED NO LESSONS FROM uropeans in this matter!!! Hetep and Dua.

A little something for you 'white rastas' to think about:


European man and woman
You are not Rasta!
That title cannot be
Ascribed to you, no way!
What did Bob Marley say?
We, feel it in the One Drop
Do you have that?
I say no with a full stop!!!
So with that philosophy
I make no apology
This is the house
Of the Afrikan Revolutionary
Who came out of the bondage of slavery

This is not a platitudinal thing
For you to come sing
Or to be dancing in
This is the Afrikan house cleaning
And we don't need no helping
From those who did the slaving
And the brainwashing, seen!
Rastafari don't need the confusion
Brought about by you Europeans
Wearing dreadlocks, calling yourselves
Queens and Kings, Lionesses and Lions
You have no place in Mt. Zion
It is strictly for the exiled Ethiopians
I accept your sympathy for our sufferings
But I don't need your presence
At our gatherings, our thanksgivings
For surviving your kidnappings
Murderings, looting and enslaving

Let us be in Peace and One Love
Allow us to receive HIM's blessings
From below and above
Let us be, so we can reverse the psychological trauma
That you have caused us in this Maafa
Let us stand in our own house
And don't try to come tell us
What this is all about
We already know the Ancient Truths
We know that we are the Roots
Empirically Kushitic in origin
We've been here since the beginning

No more amalgamating and race mixing
It causes too much stress from without and within
Lowering our ability to use our melanin
To bring about Ancient Memories
Of when we were Emperors and Empresses
I am begging you, go tell your families
How much we are hurting
From their robbery and stealing
Of our Ancient Black Lands
Of how they still have our resources in their hands
And let us be to die-as-poor-as
An Afrikan never born to have nothing
But we know we are the spores of everything
Present, past and future
Allow us to regain our culture
And don't come around like a vulture
Trying to usurp I'n'I position
With your greco-roman education
Your air of privilege and entitlement
Your trinkets and smooth arguments
We've already seen through that
And we definitely know you are not Black
Because you can never feel it in the ONE DROP!!!

Copyrighted Nov. 4th, 2009
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