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Author Topic: Viking speaks, listen.  (Read 29634 times)
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« on: March 19, 2010, 01:33:22 PM »

Hey its your White Devil.  This message is not to offend, its just to correct some facts and vent out. I just liek to point out the white point of view here. Read go ahead and reply Wink

Im shocked when im reading this forum, you constantly seem to complain and whine about being enslaved and racism, all that bullshit. "black consciousness" yeah right...
 Cause honestly,you've been enslaved by Britain and USA, ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO...

This is 2010, and now NO black man is being enslaved by the white man.  However, in Africa, lots of muslims keep other black (Brothers as u call em) enslaved. So here is the facts, this is the reality. Face it, accept it, cut the bullsh*t.
Your straight up hating people, and blaming other people for your problems.

Or what exactly you mean by this "Enslaving". If you are talking about the "Babylon" or the "System" then tell me how is the system only against the black guys ? Cause the "system" is exactly as much of a b*tch to a white guy.  White guys pay taxes, black guys pay taxes (if they happen to get a job in this evil white world).

If they dont get a job its the white guys fault right? It has nothing to do with them living in the ghetto shooting EACH OTHER, their own brothers, it has nothing to do with lack of education ?
Come on now this cant be real... Your basically telling that whites are the source of all evil, those days are long gone.  You cant ride with that slavery card till the end of the world, it dont affect you no more. (In practic, im not saying you shoudlnt feel bad about your history, and im in no way supporting slavery, even though your holy book the bible is FOR slavery, so kind of a screw up in the ideology there Cheesy)  Also I dont claim to understand how it feels to get the "Hate look".
I dont claim to understand your culture.

What I do claim to understand is MY culture, MY roots, MY people and MY evil system.
Im a finnish guy, Odinist who is proud of his roots. I know for sure, that 90% of Finns are not racist.  Also im pissed.. immigrants come here, claim to be treated like shit, even they get everything handed to them ( I cant speak on behalf of USA or any other country ). And if I, as a white guy from Finland, would go to Africa for example, I'd get treated shit loads worse than you get in our societies, I'd get hanged or robbed or killed. Just cause i'd have more money, and wouldnt share.
Also, someone said on the White rasta topic that Rastafaris are about PRO-BLACK and Anti-nobody.

Now, Im Pro-white and anti-nobody. Do you label me as a racist or white devil? exactly.

Am not posting this to offend people, im posting this to get answers. And most of all: reveal some of the Truth.

I dont got anything against your religion, or any religion in that matter. (AS LONG as they keep to themselves. An example would be muslims in UK, they want sharia courts and all that shit. One Law for everyone. They should ship them baack to Saudi-arabia if they love it so much.)

Speaking of moving.. I was googling and found out that the rastafarian movement is about Africans moving back to africa and uniting, black emperor and stuff?  True ?
If it is, then why are you still here in our white evil societies if you hate it so much ?  Huh

You are free to ask me anything. believe me I'll answer.
Africa belongs to you.
Finland belongs to me. Im a peaceful fellow, I let muslims and other foreigners be, unless they tell me how to live in my own country.  If any of them makes that mistake, I shall cast upon them the Wrath of Thor.
I belive that is exactly what you do in Africa too, correct?

So we are cool, I got nothing against you.

And to the white guys posting on this forum, and to the one in White rastas topic, who said he has no culture, goals etc. What kind of pride is that? Get your shit together and stop imitating other cultures.
Thats just how it is, no matter how you try, your skin wont turn black. You cant understand them, their cause and their goals.

Cause in fact, you do have culture, very rich one actually. A good example of that is Odinism and other pagan religions, it was our culture back then. Then christianity came and ruined it all and now Europe is considered to be a puppy-state and everyone laughs at EU.
Im here to tell you there still are pagans in Europe Wink And the number of them is actually increasing, and people are leaving church, atleast in Finland immidiately when they turn 18.

So to all you white guys who feel like you dont have a culture, goal or whatever. Please contact me, consider Odinism and STUDY your roots (we have rich culture and history, its just not told). There is plenty of interesting stuff out there, Keltic people, Vikings etc.  Vikings were powerful and feared, just like Finns. We used to be feared Shaman warriors. Where did it all go wrong? Anyway, for religion, the white man should look into Odinism, Shamanism, Druidism etc. For that is something we can do and need no acceptance to.  I totally understand these africans in this forum who doesnt accept White rastas, why?

 Because I, just like them studied my roots. And its the same cold water in this end, Odinism doesnt welcome black converts, thats not racism, its just the way it is. They dont belong to it. They dont belong to Europe, this is our land, just as Africa is theirs.   Long live Europe, Long live Africa, Long live the Black race, Long live the White race.

This is for all you white wannabes who dont study your roots, think about in this light: You are in a heavy metal concert, what would you feel if you saw a black guy with dreads there, smoking pot ? Exactly. Thats the feeling they get, when your at their concert and claiming to be one of them.

I respect the people on this forum cause these africans have actually took the time to study their culture, heritage etc. Something most white people never do.
They just try to act black.
Reason for that is, when a child is born to a regular liberal white family, he isnt told about his culture, heritage or anything, hes just told how bad racism is. Then comes the white guilt, and BAM. When the kid turns 13 you can see his pants saggin , listening to rap and trying to talk like blacks. 

Okay I should be wrapping this up already... I thank the people in this forum for not accepting these wannabies to your community.

Also I beg that you will not be offended and got my point.

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« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2010, 04:09:54 AM »

Greets Viking/WhiteDevil

I changed the subject

I read your article and I can safely say that you and me both want the best for our people. I’m not offended, but rather disappointed in your analysis. As you said, you read the forum and this is the only analysis you could come up with? Judging from your article, you come across as ignorant and arrogant. Racist = WHITE SUPREMIST.

On this forum, we promote pride in ourselves, especially when the system works against us as Afrikan black people.

Now, as an Afrikan woman, I was programmed to hate my myself, from a very tender age. The school curriculum was all about how white conquered my people, how my people were savages. And this goes for all people of colour. Indigenous or natives as your people call us. We were taught, that our culture is civilized. Even today, we, on Mama Afrikan, are told we cannot celebrate our culture, because it is barbaric. So what happens, people turn to all these mainstream religions. In this way it was easy for the people who created the very system to ensure that I hate my own. This is what Elder Marcus Garvey tried to change for us Afrikan people. Both home and abroad. I reside from Azania, where the APARTHEID went well into the 90’s. Imagine that. They, white people, decided it was time for us to rule ourselves, but with the exception that we get their approval first.

Do you even know what it means to walk in our shoes? I’m not saying the physical part of the BABYLON system doesn’t affect you. yes, you may pay taxes, live under poor conditions and you may even have trouble getting a good job.

The slavery we refer to here, is deeper than that. What is the ideal size of a beautiful woman? The tone of her skin, her hair, her accent and the color of her eyes even? I mean, let ‘s go way deeper than the face-value you afore-mentioned.

You also touched on black-on-black violence and Muslims enslaving us. Slavery is not just a physical thing Viking. It’s mental. As DEAD PREZ says “you aint got to be locked up to be in prison”  - Behind enemy lines.

Our anger is not bcoz we were chained to each other physically, but everything else that was imposed on us. Religion, education based on foreign standards and the corporate world.

I humbly suggest you read the following, just so you get an idea of what we’re experiencing:-
•   http://www.rootsie.com/
•   Dr Amos Wilson’s books
o   Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness: Eurocentric History, Psychiatry and the Politics of White Supremacy
o   Understanding Black Adolescent Male Violence: Its Remediation and Prevention
o   Black on Black Violence
o   Black-on-Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination

Hotep and more blessings upon you and Yoz!
Posts: 3

« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2010, 05:56:43 AM »

thank you for a good reply, and no im not a white supremacist.

"but everything else that was imposed on us. Religion, education based on foreign standards and the corporate world." <- I can answer to that.
The reason is, if a foreigner (of any color) lives in a certain country, for example England, they must adopt the rules and education etc values of that country =)
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« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2010, 04:05:30 PM »

You are a white supremacist whether you realise it or not.
A question for you, did English people "adopt the values, rules and education etc. values" of the many, many countries which they invaded, raped and pillaged?
Empress K, Nuff Respect sistren, Bless Up and I hope all is well! What is going on in Azania now with this world cup frenzy, I hear they are rounding up all the homeless people and sticking em in what are basically concentration camps so they don't disturb the consciences of the hordes of drunken tourists who will be descending on the country.... but the resistance is growin: http://abahlali.org
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« Reply #4 on: April 01, 2010, 06:57:36 AM »


Gman, all is well. But you know how it is, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. No job oppotunities as promised by our "beloved" Mr Prez. I mean, he's like what, 5 wives...I lost count. Need i say more

Back to viking's response. Indeed, he is such a white supremist, he makes the devil's hair stand on end. When the whites came to Afrika, they called themselves SETTLERS, hence we learnt about the GREAT TREK.

They called my people natives, in their own land. Moved the Khois and Sans. Then there was the Apartheid regime, moved people to townships...introduced religion and so on, which was not part of our traditional practices. But then again, according to you, we, in Afrika were for not adopting European standards?Huh
Full Member
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« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2010, 10:33:16 AM »

Yes Empress K... keep ya head up sistren... you heard this one yet?
Dead Prez - Afrika Hot!
Quite appropriate I think, given who's keeping us company on this thread... "I don't represent the red white and blue, I cut the head off the devil and I throw it at you"
Bless Up
Posts: 3

« Reply #6 on: April 04, 2010, 10:20:25 AM »


Gman, all is well. But you know how it is, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. No job oppotunities as promised by our "beloved" Mr Prez. I mean, he's like what, 5 wives...I lost count. Need i say more

Back to viking's response. Indeed, he is such a white supremist, he makes the devil's hair stand on end. When the whites came to Afrika, they called themselves SETTLERS, hence we learnt about the GREAT TREK.

They called my people natives, in their own land. Moved the Khois and Sans. Then there was the Apartheid regime, moved people to townships...introduced religion and so on, which was not part of our traditional practices. But then again, according to you, we, in Afrika were for not adopting European standards?Huh

Come on now ya'll just being over sensitive or smth.
I didnt say it was right for Brits to come to your country and force their own rules on you.
What I was referring to, was refugees from AFRICA who come to EUROPE. Which is our land.
And this is what i mean, im a white supremacist for standiing up for my own.
But a black guy can talk "IM black and im proud, yadayadaya, black power", but he isnt a BLACK supremacist? wtf.
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« Reply #7 on: April 05, 2010, 08:36:46 AM »

"Shoo fly, don't bother me..." that was a song we sung when we were children, do you know it? (this is to the norwegian twit and I have no more to say to you).
Empress K, speaking of chopping the head off the devil... how about that Terreblanche "murder"? (I don't think "murder" is an appropriate word for it; when you put down a rabid dog you don't call it "murder" do ya?) All those boers must be quaking in their shoes... hey, there are tulip-farming opportunities in Holland!
As for Malema, I wonder if the people of the townships will treat him and Zuma any different in the future... if they know what's good for em they'll give em the exact same treatment when the time is right IMO... fat capitalistic thieves... NIYABINGHI... flames for the whole a dem.
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« Reply #8 on: April 08, 2010, 02:20:41 AM »


Be white and be proud. Aint nobody stopping from doing that, just respect others. Statements such as "Come on now ya'll just being over sensitive or smth." are those that make us, Afrikans always be on the defense when interacting with whites are full of ignorance and arrogance. Anyway, i've said my 2 cents worth, and i'll leave it at that. Hotep. Heartical blessings to you and yoz.

GMAN, the boers story is another one. I'm personally glad it happened. Not that all blacks feel the same about it. It has already caused an uproar in Rustensburg, where 5 farm workers were hurt by their "bass", bcoz of  revenge. I thinl civil war is well on the way. The corporate world is still quiet about the whole thing as they dont want "offend" any1. Political correctness Undecided

As for Malema, well. Our leadership is weak, that i can admit. The let him run loose, and now want to keep his mouth shut. You cannot give sum1 power, and then take it back without expecting that person to fight it. It's law of nature. Blacks, in the townships, are too ignorant to even think further than their noses. I'm not hating on my people, but that's truth. People living a material lifestyle, where spirituality means holding a bible and going to church every sunday, but forgetting to speak, live and breathe truth every minute. That's the way it is. I help those who want to be helped. Everybody walks their path, and who am i to cast the first stone???

Cudnt view the video, but i know DP, always represent. Bless up to them and everybody who keeps the struggle alive.

Common once said - "Understanding and wisdom became the rhythm that I played to
And became a slave to master self"

i try to live by these words everyday. It's not easy, but i know it'll be worth it.

GMAN, maybe you can mail me and we'll chat more, bless up

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« Reply #9 on: April 08, 2010, 08:46:21 AM »

Yes Empress K
Will link with de I via email some time (might take a minute, I only have occasional internet access at the moment). In the meantime:
Those youths who put down the rabid dog and slavedriver Terreblanche shouldn't spend a blasted day in jail, they should be given a medal instead. Speaking for myself and I'm sure for every last dread from the carry beyond (other than the fake dreads that is), I hope there are many more to come until the settlers take the hint and leave the country.
Unfortunately IN MY OPINION - and I've never been to Azania so if I am being ignorant then someone tell me - when they do leave the country there will be another bunch of slavedrivers to deal with with who have the same colour skin as the slaves. Hence my comment about Malema and Zuma. I am not critcising Malema for singing "that song." He is right to sing that song. At the same time, I don't go by the philosophy that "my enemy's enemy is my friend" cos that ain't necessarily the case. He is right to sing that song and he is right to demand indigenous control over mining, etc. But he is wrong to trivialise the issue of rape, and I believe that in his mind "indigenous control" over mining, etc. actually means control by his little nouveau-riche elite.
In my opinion grassroots groups like Abahlali Base Mjondo and the Poor Peoples' Alliance are showing the way forward to get rid of all slave drivers, past present and future.
Try to cop that new dpz if you can, it's their hottest one yet... pure inspiration. They got complete control of their own record label and everything now too, so Sony etc. ain't getting no cut of the proceeds. If you can't afford it just download it or bootleg it, dpz won't mind!
As for the viking kid, he needs to understand that Europeans have no right to tell Africans or anyone else where they can and cannot go and live, after Europe has been all over the world taking over people's lands and resources. (Not to mention that he's proudly descended from people best known for invading, raping and plundering their "fellow Europeans"... like my ancestors on my Welsh side for instance). On top of that, I would bet that most African immigrants and refugees in Norway are more law-abiding than the average Norwegian, that they receive a tiny, tiny percentage of his nation's resources, and that any poverty he might be experiencing is due to fat cat european bankers and their billion-euro bonuses, not whatever tiny percentage of Norway's GDP that might go to helping refugees.
Nuff Respect sistren and I will email de I when time permits. JAH guide and I-tect.
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« Reply #10 on: April 08, 2010, 04:45:59 PM »

One more thing briefly...
Just noticed that "white idiot", oh sorry I meant "white devil", is Finnish and not Norwegian. My bad... not that it makes any difference.
Also, he is entirely wrong to say that he would be treated worse in "our" countries than vice versa. In fact, if he was to come to Guyana (for example) he would be MORE protected by police etc. than Guyanese are. Most people would be welcoming and hospitable anyway because (a) that's part of our culture and (b) nuff of us have been brainwashed to respect white foreigners more than we respect ourselves and each other. Definitely the cops and so on would protect him more, cos they and their bosses would see him as an "important whiteman from foreign bringing in tourist revenue", whereas everyone knows that, generally speaking, Guyanese police are only interested in other Guyanese citizens if they are collecting "raises" (bribes) from them, or assaulting and torturing them in various imaginative ways: see http://propagandapress.org
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« Reply #11 on: April 09, 2010, 03:12:01 AM »

Bless up,

Yours in divinity

Posts: 22

« Reply #12 on: May 19, 2010, 11:39:52 AM »

This ignorant descendant of viking savages should not have been dignified with an answer. Period!
Full Member
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« Reply #13 on: May 19, 2010, 04:59:19 PM »

I totally see de I's point sis. Sekhmet. Maybe others could learn something from the discussion though.
Love the poetry by the way... "die-as-poor-as"... even Peter Tosh missed that one...
Posts: 22

« Reply #14 on: May 20, 2010, 02:14:43 PM »

Give thanks Gman. This article was sent to my email today. It is interesting to note that uropeans always like to think that they do not still benefit from wukking our ancestors from sun up to sun down for 400yrs without paying any wages. So I suppose this article will be very telling in that Light.

- Study finds gaping racial divide in household assets
- Economic policies blamed for growing inequality

By Chris McGreal in Washington
The Guardian (UK)
May 172010

A huge wealth gap has opened up between black and white
people in the US over the past quarter of a century - a
difference sufficient to put two children through
university - because of racial discrimination and
economic policies that favour the affluent.

A typical white family is now five times richer than
its African-American counterpart of the same class,
according to a report released today by Brandeis
University in Massachusetts.

White families typically have assets worth $100,000
(£69,000), up from $22,000 in the mid-1980s. African-
American families' assets stand at just $5,000, up from
around $2,000.

A quarter of black families have no assets at all. The
study monitored more than 2,000 families since 1984.

"We walk that through essentially a generation and what
we see is that the racial wealth gap has galloped, it's
escalated to $95,000," said Tom Shapiro, one of the
authors of the report by the university's Institute on
Assets and Social Policy.

"That's primarily because the whites in the sample were
able to accumulate financial assets from their $22,000
all the way to $100,000 and the African-Americans'
wealth essentially flatlined."

The survey does not include housing equity, because it
is not readily accessible and is rarely realised as
cash. But if property were included it would further
widen the wealth divide.

Shapiro says the gap remains wide even between blacks
and whites of similar classes and with similar jobs and

"How do we explain the wealth gap among equally-
achieving African-American and white families? The same
ratio holds up even among low income groups. Finding
ways to accumulate financial resources for all low and
moderate income families in the United States has been
a huge challenge and that challenge keeps getting
steeper and steeper.

"But there are greater opportunities and less
challenges for low and moderate income families if
they're white in comparison to if they're African-
American or Hispanic," he said.

America has long lived with vast inequality, although
40 years ago the disparity was lower than in Britain.

Today, the richest 1% of the US population owns close
to 40% of its wealth. The top 25% of US households own

The rest is divided up among middle and low income
Americans. In that competition white people come out
far ahead.

Only one in 10 African-Americans owns any shares. A
third do not have a pension plan, and among those who
do the value is on average a fifth of plans held by

Shapiro says one of the most disturbing aspects of the
study is that wealth among the highest-income African-
Americans has actually fallen in recent years, dropping
from a peak of $25,000 to about $18,000, while among
white counterparts of similar class and income it has
surged to around $240,000.

In 1984, high-income black Americans had more assets
than middle-income whites. That is no longer true.

"I'm a pretty jaded and cynical researcher in some way,
but this was shocking, quite frankly, a really
important dynamic," said Shapiro. "This represents a
broken chain of achievement. In the United States
context, when we are thinking about racial equality and
the economy we have focused for a long time on equal

"Equal opportunity assumes that some people who have
that opportunity are going to have pretty high
achievements in terms of their jobs, their work, their
income, their home ownership.

"The assumption in a democracy is that merit and
achievement are going to be rewarded and the rewards
here are financial assets. We should see some rough
parity and we don't."

The report attributes part of the cause to the
"powerful role of persistent discrimination in housing,
credit and labour markets. African-Americans and
Hispanics were at least twice as likely to receive
high-cost home mortgages as whites with similar
incomes," the report says.

Although many black families have moved up to better-
paying jobs, they begin with fewer assets, such as
inheritance, on which to build wealth. They are also
more likely to have gone into debt to pay for
university loans.

"African-Americans, before the 1960s, first by law and
then by custom, were not really allowed to own
businesses. They had very little access to credit.
There was a very low artificial ceiling on the wealth
that could be accumulated. Hence there was very little,
if anything, that could be passed along to help their
children get to college, to help their children buy
their first homes, or as an inheritance when they die,"
said Shapiro.

Since the 1980s, US administrations have also geared
the tax system to the advantage of the better off.
Taxes on unearned income, such as shares and
inheritance, fell sharply and are much lower than taxes
on pay.

"The more income and wealth people had, the less it was
taxable," said Shapiro.

There were also social factors, the study found. "In
African-American families there is a much larger
extended network of kin as well as other obligations.
From other work we've done we know that there's more
call on the resources of relatively well-off African-
American families; that they lend money that's not
given back; they help cousins go to school. They help
brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, with all kinds
of legal and family problems," said Shapiro.

c Guardian News and Media Limited 2010
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